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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandeliiks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP. Mr. Gaetan BOVY of REUB is also National Director MUFON / Wallonnie and we work together to give a total image of the UFO-sightings in Belgium.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Weird V-pattern Lights Spotted Over The Ocean In Maryland

    Weird V-pattern Lights Spotted Over The Ocean In Maryland

    (Before It's News)


     My wife was in Ocean City, MD this past week with her youngest daughter (my step daughter) and granddaughter. They just got back in town this afternoon and I asked them if they saw the fireball/meteor event this past Wednesday night. They didn’t but they told me that they had a different sighting on another night. On this past Monday, 12/1, at around 6:00 – 6:30 pm they were traveling along Coastal Highway in Ocean City on their way to dinner. As they were traveling, my stepdaughter, who was a passenger in my wife’s truck spotted a strange light out over the ocean. She said that it was red orange/orange in color and appeared to be stationary.

    A short time later, she saw three more lights of the same color appear in proximity to the first one. She described the tree lights as being in a V-shaped pattern, parallel to the surface of the ocean, with the point of the V being farther away. The single light was to one side of the other three and appeared a bit closer. She described them as being about the size of a pencil eraser from her vantage point. She said the objects appeared to be stationary. She was able to observe the objects for approximately 5 minutes before they disappeared. My stepdaughter called these objects to the attention of my wife. My wife was driving and couldn’t observer the objects in detail, but what she described backs up what my stepdaughter described. My 7 yr. old granddaughter was also in the truck, but was preoccupied with something else and did not observe the objects.

    Neither witness described seeing lights that would be consistent with normal aviation lights. The objects they reported maintained their color/shape throughout the duration of the event. My wife has an interest in UFO’s and such things and has an idea of what to look for because me. My stepdaughter is fairly neutral on the subject, but is a sergeant with the Westminster City Police Dept. and would not lie or exaggerate about such things. My stepdaughter is going to file a sighting report with MUFON, at my request. I asked her to send me the case number of her report. I can forward that to you if you would like. BTW, while they were out and about on Wednesday evening, 12/3, they did not witness the fireball/meteor event that was widely reported that evening. If either of you have any further questions, please let me know as I will ask and report back what I find out.

    NOTE:  The above image is a rendering.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ex-astronaut:

    Ex-astronaut: "Regering houdt buitenaards leven geheim"


    Het bestaan van buitenaards leven en ufo's wordt door de Amerikaanse regering achter gehouden, zo beweert de voormalige NASA-astronaut en zesde man op de maan, Edgar Mitchell. Dat meldt CNN.

    "We zijn niet alleen", zegt de 78-jarige Mitchell. "Aliens bestaan weldegelijk, maar de waarheid wordt toegedekt door de Verenigde Staten."

    De ex-astronaut, die deel uitmaakte van de Apollo 14-maanmissie in 1971, deed zijn uitspraken op de vijfde editie van de jaarlijkse X-Conference, een bijeenkomst van mensen die geloven in ufo's en buitenaardse vormen van leven.

    "Wij zijn voorbestemd om te leven in een planetaire gemeenschap. We moeten bereid zijn om ver buiten onze planeet en ons zonnestelsel te kijken om te weten wat er zich daar echt afspeelt."

    De astronaut beweert ook dat hij een poging ondernam om het 'Roswell-incident' uit 1947 te onderzoeken. Roswell in de staat New Mexico, waar Mitchell opgroeide, was volgens believers de plaats waar in 1947 een UFO crashte. Volgens Mitchell werden de inwoners door het leger aangemaand om daarover te zwijgen. Een admiraal bij het Pentagon zou de ufotheorie hebben bevestigd, maar hij trok later zijn verklaringen weer in.

    De NASA beweert dat de organisatie "niet betrokken is bij eender welke geheimhouding over buitenaards leven, op deze planeet of ergens anders".

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.5 Most Terrifying Creatures of the Night

    5 Most Terrifying Creatures of the Night

    (Before It's News)

    Five scary creatures, monsters and beings that might visit you tonight, from malevolent shadow people to curious aliens.

    Locking your bedroom door won’t help… Presenting five terrifying creatures, monsters and aliens that prefer to visit at night, including shadow people, the shadowman and the Hat Man; the mare, alp and nightmare demons of folklore; machine elves and clockwork elves; the horrifying Cherokee witch / wizard known as the Raven Mocker; and of course extraterrestrial aliens visitors. Some have been caught on tape, but are they real or caused by disorders like sleep paralysis and fueled by scary stories and creepypasta?

    1. Shadow People

    A shadow person (also known as a shadow figure, shadow being or black mass) is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly as interpreted by believers in the supernatural as the presence of a malevolent entity.

    The Coast to Coast AM late night radio talk show helped popularize modern beliefs in shadow people. The first time the topic of shadow people was discussed at length on the show was April 12, 2001 when host Art Bell interviewed Thunder Strikes. During the show, listeners were encouraged to submit drawings of shadow people that they had seen and a large number of these drawings were immediately shared publicly on the website. Later that year, on October 1, 2001, Heidi Hollis published a book on the topic of shadow people.


    2. Raven Mocker

    The Raven Mocker, or ka’lanu ahkyeli’ski, is an evil being from Cherokee mythology who robs the old, sick and dying of their lives. Normally appearing as old, withered men and women, when they hunt a victim they take to the air in a fiery shape, and with the sounds of a raven’s cry and a strong wind. After tormenting and killing their victim by slitting the victim’s head they consume his heart (doing so without leaving a mark on the victim’s skin), and add a year to their life for every year that the slain would have still lived. Much like a banshee, the sound of a raven mocker means that someone will soon die.

    Raven mockers are normally invisible when feeding, but those with strong medicine can not only spot them but cause them to die within seven days. Medicine men will sometimes stand guard over the dying to prevent raven mockers from stealing the heart of the afflicted.

    Raven mockers are feared and envied by the other witches of Cherokee folklore, and their bodies may be abused by said witches after death. He is the Angel of Death in such a way he was menacing.

    3. MARE

    A mare or nightmare  is an evil spirit or goblin in Germanic folklore which rides on people’s chests while they sleep, bringing on bad dreams (or “nightmares”). The mare is often similar to the mythical creatures succubus and incubus, and was likely inspired by sleep paralysis.


    4.Machine elves

    Machine elves are faceless multi-dimensional beings that appear machine like.

    5. ALIENS

    The terms alien abduction or abduction phenomenon describe “subjectively real memories of being taken secretly against one’s will by apparently nonhuman entities and subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures”.[ People claiming to have been abducted are usually called "abductees" or "experiencers".

    Due to a paucity of objective physical evidence, most scientists and mental health professionals dismiss the phenomenon as "deception, suggestibility (fantasy-proneness, hypnotizability, false memory syndrome), personality, sleep paralysis, psychopathology, psychodynamics [and] environmental factors”. Skeptic Robert Sheaffer sees similarity between the aliens depicted in early science fiction films, in particular, Invaders From Mars, and some of those reported to have actually abducted people.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mystery Behind Giant Hole in Siberia Clearer as 2nd Discovered

    Mystery Behind Giant Hole in Siberia Clearer as 2nd Discovered

    Marya Zulinova / Governor of Yamal-Nenets Region's Press ServiceThe craters, believed to be formed by an underground explosion, are now filled with snow and ice.

    Reindeer herders in Russia's Far North have discovered yet another mysterious giant hole about 30 kilometers away from a similar one found days earlier.

    Located in the permafrost of the subarctic Siberian region of Yamal, which means "end of the earth" in the local Nenets language, both craters appear to have been formed in recent years and have icy lakes at their bases.

    Scientists who examined the first hole theorized that it could have been created when a mixture of water, salt and gas exploded underground, the Siberian Times news site reported.

    The area, which has one of Russia's richest deposits of natural gas, was covered by sea about 10,000 years ago, and vast salt deposits were left behind.

    "Global warming, causing an alarming melt in the ice under the soil, released gas causing an effect like the popping of a Champagne cork," the news report said, citing an expert at the Subarctic Scientific Research Center.

    The first hole is estimated to be about 50 meters wide and 70 meters deep, with water from melting permafrost cascading down its sides into the icy deposit below.

    The second hole is "exactly" like the first one, but "much smaller," local lawmaker Mikhail Lapsui told the Interfax-Ural news agency. "Inside the crater itself, snow can be seen."

    See also:

    Scientists Discover Mysterious Giant Hole in Siberia (Video)

    Scientists have discovered a mysterious giant hole that has appeared in one of Russia's most isolated northernmost regions, state television reported.

    A preliminary study on Thursday determined that the gaping crater, about 100 meters in diameter, was created by a natural event — but not a meteorite impact.

    There were no signs that the hole was artificially made, and the radiation level at the site was not dangerous, a team of scientists from Siberia's Institute of the Earth Cryosphere said in a press release quoted by Russian media.

    Speculation has swirled about how the hole could have been created — including theories of an unknown meteorite or even alien beings — after a video of the mysterious site went viral on YouTube last week.

    The hole is located in the vast region of Yamal, which means "the end of the Earth" in the local Nenets language. Straddling the Arctic Circle, the region is a place where temperatures plummet to negative 50 degrees Celsius and the sun barely rises in winter.

    Inhabited by indigenous reindeer herders, Yamal is one of Russia's richest regions in natural gas. The hole was found near the Bovanentsky gas field, leading to speculation that it could have been caused by an underground explosion.

    TV Zvezda, broadcast by the Defense Ministry, reported that the person who shot the video said the hole appeared to have been caused from below and that the darker soil around its top indicated the effect of high temperatures.

    Watch the full video:  


    See also:

    Meteor Illuminates Night Sky Over Murmansk Region (Video)

    Source :

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.1967, The Falcon Lake Landing, Stephen Michalak’s Alien Encounter

    1967, The Falcon Lake Landing, Stephen Michalak’s Alien Encounter

    (Before It's News)

    An important UFO close encounter of the second kind comes to us from Canada. This amazing account details the experiences of Stephen Michalak of Winnipeg. Michalak earned his living as a mechanic, but was an amateur geologist, and while enjoying a few days off, he decided to do some prospecting. He tried his luck in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

    This area was by no means new to Michalak.

    He had spent considerable time in the vicinity of the lake there. Michalak had followed reports of quartz veins being found in the area around Falcon lake. There were also reports of silver being found, and Michalak was on the trail of the valuable metal on May 19, 1967. He had traveled by bus from his home town of Winnipeg to a motel on the Trans-Canada Highway the night before.

    Stephen rose early that morning, heading into the vast beauty of the wilderness. Only a couple of hours had transpired before he found a quartz vein by a small brook. After breaking for a quiet lunch, he resumed his work. At about 12:15 P.M. his attention was drawn away from his labors by the sound of geese passing overhead.

    Looking up to see them fly over, he was shocked to see two red, glowing, elongated objects descending from the skies. As they came ever closer, their shape was defined more as disc-shaped. As he stood mesmerized by the sight, one of the craft abruptly stopped and hovered in midair.

    The other continued its downward flight until it landed on a big, smooth rock only about 150 feet from him. The hovering craft began to move away, and as it went, it changed colors from red to orange, and finally gray.

    It disappeared into the clouds above him. The landed craft also began to change its color in the same pattern. Finally, the gray turned into what appeared to be “hot stainless steel,” with a golden glow.

    Michalak had been wearing his protective welding glasses earlier, and now they protected his eyes from the brilliant purple lights shining through openings in the front of the craft. He could now smell sulfur, and hear a type of hissing sound. Curiosity overcame him.

    He knew he was looking at something he thought he would never see, a craft from another world. The only emotion more powerful than his curiosity was the gripping fear that held him in his tracks. He did have the presence of mind to sketch the object, never moving a step.

    Steve Michalak

    After approximately 30 minutes, he was frightened to see a door open from the side of the object. He could now see inside the craft! The interior was brilliantly lighted.

    Pulling all the courage together that he possessed, he moved ever closer to the other worldly craft.

    As he reached a point about 60 feet from the mysterious flying machine, he could hear two voices conversing above other sounds coming from inside the object.

    Being a multi-linguist, he tried several languages to communicate with whoever… or whatever was inside. All of his efforts failed to draw a response from inside.

    Undaunted, he moved even closer. He reached the door, and stuck his head inside. He saw a large panel of different colored lights, and other light beams crossing in different directions.

    Michalak would later describe the flashing lights as resembling lights on a computer.

    He saw no one in the craft, and decided not to push his luck any farther. He moved back away from the door. Suddenly, three panels moved together, hiding the door. His attention was now on the exterior of the craft. He later described the surface as “highly polished colored glass with no breaks or seams in its surface.”

    He reached out his hand to touch the polished surface, and his glove was melted. Suddenly the object suddenly moved, and as it did, a vented opening was exposed, like a type of exhaust port. He estimated it’s size as about nine inches high by six inches wide.

    Heat was vented through the opening, setting Michalak’s shirt and undershirt on fire. He was now in great pain. He quickly tore off his top garments, and turned to see the craft ascending back into the skies. He felt a rush of air as it made it’s departure. He could still smell the craft after it had disappeared.

    Knowing that he needed medical attention, he quickly tried to mark the spot. Using rocks, pine cones, loose dirt, anything he could find, he made a landmark. A severe headache now was complicated by a sick stomach. He broke into a cold sweat, and vomited.

    On his way back to his motel, he had to stop several times to ease his stomach pain.

    After being refused help from a passing police officer, he finally reached his motel. It was now 4:00 P.M. He entered the coffee shop, and asked someone to recommend a doctor.

    The nearest doctor was in Kenora, 45 miles east of Falcon Lake. Because of the distance, he decided to return home instead of making the trip to Kenora. The next bus would not arrive for about four hours, so he rested in his room, and phoned his wife.

    He told her only that he was in an accident, but was OK. He instructed her to have their son meet him at the bus terminal in Winnipeg. He arrived there at 10:45 P.M. His son took him to the Misericordia Hospital immediately.

    He was treated for his headache, nausea, and the grid-like burns on his chest. Theorists came out of the woodwork suggesting that his burns were from a barbecue pit, or some other common object.

    Stephen Michalak made not a cent from his story. He paid all of his own medical expenses, including a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for additional treatment. To defray these costs, he wrote a privately funded booklet on his experience, but it lost money.

    Ultimately, Michalak was seen by more than a dozen doctors in the United States and Canada.

    The site of the experience was investigated by the RCMP, RCAF, other government officials and civilian groups. America’s Condon Committee also joined the investigation.

    Nothing conclusive was every offered to debunk the fantastic account of Stephen Michalak. His story is unique in many ways, and is accepted as genuine by many UFO groups and investigators.



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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Strange Object Above Indonesia

    Strange Object Above Indonesia

    (Before It's News)

    Strange object above Indonesia, 1976


    For more high strange visit

    Location: Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia
    Date: 1976

    Time: 1500

    The young witness stepped out of his house to find the area strangely quiet and deserted. He looked up and saw a strange object that appeared to be descending rapidly. As it came closer he could see three beings inside the transparent object. One was standing in the middle dome while the other two were seated besides the taller standing being. The middle taller being, seemed to …be pointing at the witness. The object was moving in a zigzag fashion. The tall being was wearing a long red robe that covered his feet. It had a gray beard and small Oriental eyes. The two smaller beings were bluish in color and had what appeared to be an oxygen hose coming out of their mouths. Frightened the witness ran back into the house and did not see the object depart.

    HC addition # 3826
    Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin Type: A
    High Strangeness Index: 7
    Reliability of Source: 9
    Comments: Interesting report from a country from where very few humanoid reports are known. The description of the tall entity is interesting since an almost identical humanoid was reported in France in 1951 inside a similar object. The two short “bluish” humanoids appear to be from a different species. According to information from the Indonesian UFO Group “BETA UFO” this case most probably took place in 1985!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.2014 MUFON Symposium: UFOs and the Media

    2014 MUFON Symposium: UFOs and the Media

    2014 MUFON Symposium


    The MUFON Symposium is an annual event that brings together UFO experts and enthusiasts alike including MUFON’s field investigators from around the world to a common meeting place open to the public and media to learn about the latest UFO developments and MUFON’s vision for the future.

    The first MUFON Symposium took place in Peoria, Illinois, on June 13, 1970, some 45 years ago, with the theme of “UFOs – An Unexplored Scientific Horizon.”  Since those early days the MUFON Symposium has blossomed into the world-class meeting-of-the-minds that it is today.

    This year experts from within MUFON and from the scientific and media community will present their personal views and research on the UFO phenomenon. In addition to our speakers, it is also an opportunity for those interested in UFO sighting investigations to attend our MUFON field investigators training class on Thursday, June 17th just prior to the Symposium speaker events.

    This three-day event, four if you attend the field investigator training, is full of important information that will leave your mind brimming with new possibilities. It is a great way to meet like-minded people, make new friends, and personally meet many of the leaders in the UFO Field. Register TODAY!


    This year they are hosting the Symposium at the Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill hotel in New Jersey. This luxurious and amenity-filled hotel offers a relaxing and world-class way to spend your time at the Symposium.  MUFON has negotiated a special rate for Symposium attendees of $95 per night.


    This year we have assembled a speaker roster of people with more than 150 years of combined media experience!
    Comprised of scientists, film experts, TV personalities and more, our lecturers will provide you with first-hand information about personal experiences, and the state of UFOlogy in the mainstream media.Look below and click on the television screen for the speakers you wish to learn more about.














    The 2014 MUFON Symposium is chock full of education, eye-opening, and cutting-edge information by the worlds’ foremost experts on the UFO phenomenon. This year we have an awesome schedule and speaker lineup that will fill your Symposium weekend with insights, education, and knowledge.

    Take a look at the schedule below.

    THURSDAY,  JULY 17th

    This is special event day that is dedicated to experienced FI’s as well as new Field Investigators.
    8am – 5pm Field Investigator Training

    FRIDAY,  JULY 18th

    The 2014 MUFON Symposium kicks off with a gala banquet and keynote lecture by esteemed reporter George Knapp.

    5pm – 6pm Benefactor Reception

    6pm – 7pm General Reception (Cash Bar)

    7pm – 10pm Dinner Banquet and Keynote

    Keynote Speaker: George Knapp: 
    Area 51 Whistleblower – 25 years later

    SATURDAY,  JULY 19th

    Saturday will be a day filled with exciting and informative speakers. Top off the day with a special event hosted by Stephen Bassett.
    9am – 10:15am
    Roger Marsh on “Covering UFOs10:30am – 11:45am
    John Ventre on “Anderson Cooper and the Case for UFOs12pm – 1:30pm Open lunch1:30pm – 2:45pm
    Lee Spiegel on “UFOs- From Cave Walls to Modern Reports to the United Nations and the Internet

    3pm – 4:15pm
    Dr Lynne Kitei on “Beyond the Phoenix Lights

    4:30pm – 5:45pm
    James Fox “UFO Film Making

    5:45pm – 7:15pm Open dinner

    7:15pm – 8:30pm 
    Stephen Bassett “Congressional UFO Disclosure

    8:30pm – 10:30pm
    Stephen Bassett: “Disclosure DVD of the Citizens Hearings”
    (Special Event!) Included in the FULL SYMPOSIUM price

    SUNDAY,  JULY 20th

    Wrap up your Symposium experience with plenty more UFOlogy experts talking about their unique insight into the UFO phenomenon.
    9am – 10:15am
    Ben Hansen on “Media, Technology and Belief10:30am – 11:45am
    Bill Birnes on “UFO Hunters: Season One12pm – 1:30pm Open lunch1:30pm – 2:45pm
    Linda Moulton Howe on “10,000 B.C. Gobekli Tepe & other Ancient Stone Structures - E. T. Terraforming?

    3pm – 4:15pm
    Stanton Friedman on “Press Coverage of Flying Saucers a Study in Laziness and Misrepresentation

    Symposium closing


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ways to detect alien civilizations

    Ways to detect alien civilizations

    (Before It's News)

    Space discoveries have absolutely erupted in recent years thanks to incredible scientific technology like the Kepler space telescope, the Cassini spacecraft, and the Herschel Space Observatory, just to name a few.

    NASA's Kepler telescope. (credit: NASA)

    NASA’s Kepler telescope. (credit: NASA)

    Scientists continue discovering new places in the far reaches of the galaxy where life might exist. Articles discussing alien planets and the increasing number of potentially habitable worlds have become common in the media.

    It’s hard to believe that the first planets outside our solar system were only discovered in 1992. In the short span of two decades, the number of confirmed exoplanets has grown to more than 1,700, based on the tally maintained by the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo’s Planetary Habitability Laboratory. Twenty or so of these worlds are potentially habitable.

    NASA’s Kepler space telescope has been a valuable tool in the hunt for alien worlds. Since its launch in 2009, Kepler has identified more than 3,800 planet candidates, and scientists expect at least ninety percent of those will end up being confirmed. But hunting for potentially habitable worlds isn’t the only method scientists are using in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

    SETI's Allen Telescope Array. (credit: SETI)

    SETI’s Allen Telescope Array. (credit: SETI)

    On Friday, April 11, io9 posted an article titled “14 Intriguing Ways We Could Detect Signs Of An Alien Civilization.” Naturally, using radio telescopes to listen for extraterrestrial communication is included in this list. For many, the radio signal research of the SETI Institute is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about efforts to detect alien civilizations. SETI primarily utilizes the Allen Telescope Array in Hat Creek, California in the organization’s survey of radio transmissions, as depicted in the movie Contact. A much more powerful radio telescope array called the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) is scheduled to begin construction in 2016. As the South African Government News Agency explains, these thousands of antennas spread across nearly 2,000 miles will work together “as one gigantic, virtual instrument – creating a radio telescope at least 50 times more powerful, and 10,000 times faster than any other radio telescope currently in existence.”

    But University of California at Berkeley astronomer Geoff Marcy believes that more advanced and precise technology, like lasers, would be a more likely method of communication utilized by an advanced alien civilization. So he and his team are using the Keck Observatory in Hawaii to look for beams of light flashing from distant star systems that could indicate an alien laser-based internet.

    Plato spacecraft concept. (Credit: ESA)

    Plato spacecraft concept. (Credit: ESA)

    Pollution is another way scientists could detect alien civilizations. The European Space Agency’s Plato (Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars) space telescope, scheduled to launch in 2024, will be able to study the atmospheres of alien worlds. The Science Coordinator for the Plato mission, Professor Don Pollacco of the University of Warwick, explains, “There are certain things you would not expect to occur naturally, and pollution is the obvious one . . . I’m talking about various kinds of metals that would not occur in that state in that atmosphere . . . You would have to interpret that as a sign of some kind of civilisation.”  

    Obviously, looking for extraterrestrial spacecraft could be another way to detect alien civilizations. And Geoff Marcy was recently awarded a grant to do just that. Marcy is credited with finding nearly three-quarters of the first one hundred exoplanets discovered with data collected by Kepler. These planets are detected using the transit method, where scientists look at a star’s dimming to calculate the presence of planets. Marcy will use this same technique to look for extraterrestrial spacecraft.

    Visit io9 to see the full list of the 14 Intriguing Ways We Could Detect Signs Of An Alien Civilization.

    The post Ways to detect alien civilizations appeared first on


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Kyshtym Alien Dwarf, Prequel to the Atacama Humanoid?

    The Kyshtym Alien Dwarf, Prequel to the Atacama Humanoid?

    (Before It's News)

    The Kyshtym dwarf, prequel to the Atacama humanoid?

    Location: Kaolinovy, near Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk region, Russia
    Date: August 13 1996

    Time: evening
    Aged pensioner, Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina had gone to the village cemetery. Tamara had suffered from psychiatric problems for years and used to gather flowers from the local graves to decorate her bedroom. That evening after returning from the cemetery she had supper and went to bed. Suddenly she heard a strange “voice” in her brain. It requested Vasilievna to return to the cemetery. She got dressed, grabbed a flashlight and went out. At the cemetery she saw huge eyes staring at her from behind the closest grave mound. The pensioner approached the grave and saw a strange creature about 25cm in height. It was obviously not a human being. It had a tiny onion-shaped head that appeared to be composed of five “petals”. The little creature had no ears, huge slanted cat-like eyes, which cover most of its face. The creature could not talk but it began to whistle quietly to attract Tamara’s attention. It probably communicated in this manner in his “home world”. The pensioner took the creature to her home and there began examining the “alien”. The body of “Aleshenka” (the name given by Tamara to the creature) was plump and soft like jelly. The skin was gray and it had dark brown spots on its head. It had no hair, small holes instead of ears and a small flat nose enabled to creature to breathe. The eyes were dark gray without eyelids. The vertical pupils in the eyes constantly narrowed and expanded. It had long fingers with small sharp claws. There was no indication of any genitals that would reveal its gender. Interestingly the creature had no navel, which all mammals must have. The woman could not figure out how to feed Aleshenka. Its mouth resembled a tiny hole and had no lips, but it could stretch it widely revealing a complete set of teeth, but a very small lower jaw and a huge scarlet tongue occupied most of its mouth cavity, which disturbed any chewing process. Tamara inserted a caramel candy on the creature’s mouth and it began to suck on it, she also fed it some milk and water with a small spoon. Soon moist sweat appeared on the alien’s body after eating. The sweat gave off a sweet smell that completely soaked the clothes and furniture. From time to time Tamara would wipe the sweat off with a rag from Aleshenka. The creature remained still most of the time, hardly moving. At times it would seem to stretch its legs. The next day Tamara told all the villagers that she now had a “child” called Aleshenka. At first most people thought it was just Tamara hallucinating. However one day the pensioner’s daughter in law (also named Tamara) came to visit her. After sitting and talking in the kitchen for a while, the old lady mentioned that it was time to feed the child. Her daughter in law followed her into another room and saw the strange creature wrapped in a swaddling band. Later both the daughter in law and her mother saw the creature but did not report it to the police. They thought if it had been a “human child” they would have reported it to the police. They thought it was some type of animal and therefore Tamara’s pet. However, a neighbor reported Tamara to her psychiatrists and one day an ambulance came and took her to the psychiatric hospital. Concerned, Tamara tried to explain that she had left a child alone in the house, but the doctors did not take her seriously. No one knew Tamara had been taken to the hospital and no one took care or fed the creature and it soon died. After the alien’s death its body began to dry up and become mummified. One man, Vladimir Nurdinov remembered the creature, he used to visit Tamara and reported seeing Aleshenka and after hearing that Tamara had been taken to the hospital went to her house to pick up Aleshenka. But he was too late; the alien was dead, mummified and lying on the bed. Nurdinov took the dead body to his place not knowing what to do with it. Soon the police came to the man’s apartment—he had been suspected of stealing electricity in Novogorny. The police found the body and suspected it was the body of a mummified child and took it for further study. However doctors confirmed that the mummified creature had 20 features distinguishing it from a human being and medical experts rejected the idea that Aleshenka could have been a mutated child. During a second examination other experts theorized that the town of Kyshtym was situated in an area that had been contaminated after the crash of a strange object in 1957. After the crash it was reported that possibly as a result of radiation several human mutations were born in the area. Soon the head of UFO Organization from the town of Kamensk-Uralsky in the Sverdlovsk region, Galina Semenkova took the mummified body to conduct her “research”. She soon dropped from sight and efforts to reach her and the mummified body proved fruitless. But recently Semenkova surfaced at a UFO seminar in Tokyo and explained what occurred to Aleshenka’s remains. According to Semenkova when she was carrying the corpse from Kyshtym to her town a UFO appeared in the sky. Her vehicle engine stopped and aliens (not described) from the UFO demanded the body of their dead comrade and she immediately obliged.

    HC addendum
    Source: Galina Semenkova “Star Academy UFO-Contact
    Through the Zolotov Method” Type: H

    Comments: However, other sources claimed that government agents had actually taken control of the body and had threatened Semenkova.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.KC Missouri MUFON Meeting – March 10, 2014 with Debbie Ziegelmeyer

    KC Missouri MUFON Meeting – March 10, 2014 with Debbie Ziegelmeyer

    (Before It's News)

    A UFO Digest Public Announcement:
    Missouri MUFON Meeting 
    An Orb Train Over UK  - June 4th, 2009 
    Missouri UFOs & Orb Sightings
    Illinois Cow Mutilation
    Kansas City MUFON Meeting
    March 10, 2014
    6:30 – 8:30 P.M.
    Featured Speaker
    Missouri MUFON State Director
    Come find out what strange things have  happening in the State of Missouri lately – the biggest UFO sightings and strange orbs and balls of light – and hear about the latest animal mutilation in Illinois that was investigated by Debbie Z. and Joe Palermo!  MUFON Field Investigators are invited to elaborate on their investigations as Debbie covers them.  Margie Kay will give us an update on other strange events in the Kansas City area and the unexplained deaths by cancer in the UFO community.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


    Golden Corral Restaurant

    19120 E Valley View Parkway, Independence, MO 64055

    (816-795-0875 is their number, if you get lost) 

    This is a dinner meeting – the buffet dinner is $11.49, $2.49 for a drink and for those 60 and over ask for the $1 discount. They have a huge buffet at this location and the food is very good.

    There is no charge for this meeting but a donation is requested to help cover expenses – whatever you can afford. Guests are welcome to attend. No one under 16 allowed. Please watch the chat list for messages, if the weather is bad the meeting will be postponed.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.STRANGE ENCOUNTER IN SCOTLAND


    Before It's News)


    Publisher's Note: I received this as an email from David on Monday and was hoping some of the UFO Digest readers could help him and perphaps contact him with information if any of you have had a similar expereince as he describes below. I would like to thank David for contacting UFO Digest and invite others with sightings and questions to do the same by contacting us. Dirk

    Hi I had an encounter some years ago in Scotland but never told anyone till a few weeks ago when I was reading about encounters and orbs and realised it was the same as my encounter.

    Click here to enlarge top photo.

    I reported my story to the another UFOr site and never got a reply so I messages to them again and got a reply saying my email must have went missing and to email again so I did but my emails seem never to arrive so I thought I would try again to contact UFO Digest as I was just wondering if anybody else had had a similar experience.

    I was camping with my friends in Scotland and we were staying in a bothy (old croft cottage). I woke at night and went to the door where I saw one of my friends outside with a light shining on him: it was so bright I shouted to him but I got no answer, just then a small silver, what I would say silver ball came straight for me…I could smell static electricity.

    It started spinning round and round my head very fast. It felt cold then the light was gone and I was back lying on the floor on top of my sleeping bag and my friend was back in his. I don't know what this means or what it was but I have never told my friends about this as they would think I'm mad so I kept it to myself until now. I was just wanted to know if anyone can tell me what happened and about any similar experiences thank you.  My email address is

    Thanks David

    Photo credit…

    Extra information about the article: 

    A 'bothy' is an old croft cottage.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.HIGH STRANGENESS IN THE SKIES OVER HODDESDON ENGLAND


    (Before It's News)


    MARCH 1, 2014    ….    HODDESDON ENGLAND

    MYSTERY surrounds the appearance of some strange lights in the sky, which were seen over Hoddesdon on Saturday night. A woman from River Avenue told the Mercury that she and a group of four friends were returning home from an event at the church hall at around 11 pm on Saturday.  “Nobody had been drinking,” said the 67-year-old woman who did not want to be named. It was then that a neighbor pointed out some strange lights in the sky. “There was a very, very wide circle,” she said.  She describes the lights as circular with a dotted pattern inside.  “It was swinging up a huge area, backwards and forwards across the sky,” she said. The woman tried to take a picture of the lights, but the scene was too dark.  “It was below cloud level,” she said.  “It was about as wide as the gap between the houses.”  Some of her neighbors were spooked and went inside. The shape was still in the sky when the woman got up later in the night. What does she think the lights were?  “I haven’t got a clue,” she said. “It doesn’t make much sense. “When you hear reports of people seeing UFOs you think ‘Oh what rubbish.’ “There must be an explanation.”  The caller’s 79-year-old neighbor later called the Mercury with her tale. “There were several of them,” said the second caller. “They almost looked as if there was something sucking them up,” she said.  They then started “flying about all over the place.” “I have never seen anything like it before,” she said. “I wondered if there was some light display.”  She describes the lights as “cloud color” and claims that each circular light seemed to be surrounded by smaller lights. There have been no other reported sightings.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.







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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Lost Ancient Advanced Technology At Puma Punku Bolivia

    Lost Ancient Advanced Technology At Puma Punku Bolivia

    (Before It's News)

    Lost Ancient Advanced Technology At Puma Punku Bolivia. The blocks were so precisely cut as to suggest the possibility of prefabrication and mass production, technologies far in advance of the Tiwanaku’s Inca successors hundreds of years later. Tiwanaku engineers were also adept at developing a civic infrastructure at this complex, constructing functional irrigation systems, hydraulic mechanisms, and waterproof sewage lines. WIKI

    File:Puma Punku6.jpg
    Stone block with a set of blind holes of complex shape

    File:Puma Punku landscape.JPG
    Stone blocks at Pumapunku

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Tall Grays

    Tall Grays

    The Tall Grays, according to many abductees, appear to be the initiators of the hybridization agenda. The consensus from decades of CE4 testimony points to the conclusion that our Tall Grays are Transhumans from a future or parallel reality Earth that has (or will) destroy their environment and thus appear as they do to us physically having manipulated their DNA for tens of thousands of years. Yes, this sounds like science fiction and no one can be faulted for not being able to fully accept this future mutated human scenario. All we can do is consider the reports and correlate the known facts the best we can and rule out known hoaxes. We do however have dozens of impeccable eye witnesses who have offered up consistent testimony over a period of years if not decades. Be skeptical, but do not allow skepticism more air time than it deserves.

    Abductee encountering a Tall Gray and several Small Grays
    CE4 testimony indicates the Grays have reached an impasse with their ability to continue in their present biological form and having the technology and the need they thus began the Hybrid Program in order to continue their civilization. The big question then is why now? Why us?
    The Grays interacting with humans at this juncture offers us a fascinating hypothesis. It is reported that the Grays reside in our human future 50,000 years from now. This number is difficult to fathom and yet offers a simple explanation as to why reports of Tall Gray activity and technology give the impression of being too paranormal or magical to take seriously as any technology from so far into a future couldn't reasonably be expected to be anything less than fantasy level. It would be mind altering to imagine a reality with humans on Earth in say 5,000 years time but 50,000 years sounds astronomical and we simply cannot comprehend the physiological changes or technological changes that will have occurred in that time, or can we?
    Amazingly, it looks as though we can get a glimpse of something that would otherwise be impossible, something akin to seeing a living dinosaur but in the opposite direction on the timeline. We can see what happens in a future 50,000 years from now because the Grays are us, they are humans and they possess the technology to quantum tunnel to our reality. We can see what they look like and we can observe their technology - the craft they move around in. This is utterly amazing!

    What's even more incredible is the possibility that we are witnessing in the Grays the end of the evolution line. A cosmic crossing of the finish line where a species can evolve or mutate no further. Indeed, this hyper technology state of the Grays is so powerful it is bleeding over into our reality and we may in fact be engulfed within the ripples of this merging timeline. We are feeling the effects of their 50,000 year technology while simultaneously witnessing our own beginning of this advanced technology, the birth of computers, genetic manipulation and the infancy of space exploration. Ultimate technology has circled back to meet the beginning of its original course.
    Small Grays
    One of the most widely observed beings encountered during medical abductions are the Small Grays. In the early years many abductees and UFO researchers believed the Small Grays were an alien race entering bedrooms late at night to escort patients into craft for medical procedures. As more events have been reported and more information has flowed in the conscious collective that is our internet, likewise our collective image of who the small gray drones actually are and what their task is has become quite clear.
    Object Report scene recreation of an abductee aboard a craft with two Small Grays assisting a medical procedure
    Small Gray or a hybrid being seen by Stan Romanek?

    It is now generally accepted that these small gray beings are in fact biological workers. They appear to be fabricated workers which are the result of extremely advanced genetic manipulation. The Gray's have succeeded in creating autonomous creatures, what we might call androids, who carry out mundane or dangerous tasks for the Tall Grays. Consider how impressive these beings are in the specs: they have the intelligence and physical composition to move through time from another dimension, withstand some form of beaming teleportation technology, they can switch human beings mentally off at will and project telepathic thoughts and they likely possess even more extraordinary abilities we are not aware of. The Small Grays, in all of their glorious functionality, represent living evidence of the blending of advanced genetic technology and nanotechnology by beings who have an absolute understanding of quantum principles and physics of the Multiverse.

    The diminutive size and controlled mental capacity of Small Gray workers likely represents a logic 101 amongst advanced civilizations that have the ability to fabricate conscious living workers and this rule is "Never create an artificial intelligence physically larger or as intelligent as your own". Oddly enough the Small Grays are probably more intelligent than a human, but again not as brilliant and vastly mentally superior as the Tall Grays who by all reports possess a simply stunning level of hyper consciousness coupled with dazzling intelligence that is telepathically hardwired to a Multiverse ship that can pull you through a wall at 3 am and place you in front of your deceased grandmother in another dimension.
    Small Gray described by Ed Walters
    Ed Walters published the famous book "The Gulf Breeze Sightings" in which he further describes his encounters with the Small Grays who are in fact biological units used to carry out ground operations. The Small Grays should not be confused with the Tall Grays who are evolved beings. The Small Grays are manufactured beings solely created to perform specific tasks.
    Although the Small Grays have been witnessed and reported in dozens of accounts in the context of utterly terrified abductees, there does not appear to be any reason to believe the Small Grays are malicious or malevolent. In fact, the contrary seems to be the case - that the Small Grays are in a sense programmed and instructed to be overly cautious and fastidious in protecting the patients during transport to and from the craft. Conversations or impressions that telepathically bleed over into the minds of human patients during the transportation process or inside the medical facility have been relayed to us to reveal laser focused mission specific communication, cues devoid of any emotional interaction or obvious agenda. Jim Sparks offers particular insight into the transporting process and his interaction with the Small Grays.

    Another type of Small Gray being reported by CE4 eyewitness AJ is a small brown skinned being that was seen on multiple occasions during her encounters in the 80's and 90's. AJ describes them in her encounter as being "three and a half feet tall and move by floating or levitating themselves. To me, their energy or presence feels the most alien of them all." Jim Sparks describes in several of his Youtube interview videos the presence of the Grays as that of a real, visceral field that is picked up and directly related to the beings role aboard the ship or within the operations hierarchy.
    Tall White Beings
    Tall White Being described by CE4 abductee AJ - click for a larger image
    Not to be confused with the Tall Blondes we also have CE4 reports of Tall White beings. Whereas the Blondes are reported to have thick blonde-white hair and a substantial muscular frame the tall white beings are over seven feet tall and have a thin frame. Their hair is described as thin and like the fuzz on a peach. Their eyes are large and deep blue with a slight 'wrap around' appearance.

    We have several encounters on record with the Tall Whites with a general consistency in their appearance from eyewitness to eyewitness. AJ describes an encounter with a being that fits the Tall Whites description, "I was facing these three Beings. The Being in the middle was quite tall and thin and he resembled a wizard in a way. His long white and blue robe was moving and flowing as if it had an energy of its own, or perhaps it was even an extension of his self. There was an enormous amount of energy appearing to come from within him. I knew without a doubt that I was in the presence of extraterrestrials." Are the Tall Whites simply a large group of hybrids who are the genetic result of Tall Gray DNA mixed with another race? The large eyes hint in this direction, however other reports seem to suggest they are a separate race altogether - though this fact unto itself does not rule out a hybrid connection as it now appears highly likely that all beings in the cosmos are hybrids to some degree.
    There are two other interesting accounts of the Tall Whites, but these encounters do not come from patients of the hybrid program and thus the credibility is not quite on the same level as those abductees who have reported their experiences over years or decades.
    Colin Andrews has an excellent write up on his website in which a police officer in the UK encounters three beings who might fit the tall white description. Because these three beings do not have the unique, muscular build often described with the Nordic types, it leans the possibility into the direction that these three beings are Tall Whites. The illustration accompanying the article certainly looks to be similar to that of the Tall Whites.
    Charles Hall talks frequently about tall whites and a possible US government connection in his book Millennial Hospitality. Hall's description of the Tall Whites also covers details regarding the construction of their interstellar craft as well as his personal interactions with these beings in the Nevada desert. The account of Charles Hall is intriguing but the degree of involvement between the Tall Whites and the US Government is generally outside of the normal description of the hybridization program. However, it is certainly not impossible and there have been hints from other CE4 eyewitnesses of clandestine government involvement.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Hybrid Program

    The Hybrid Program

    (Before It's News)

    The UFO phenomenon has evolved over the decades from the 1940′s to the present. Each generation has witnessed aerial phenomenon and has consequently had increasing access to clues and evidence. Civilizations from parallel realities and parallel dimensions similar to our own reality have been manipulating human DNA from the beginning of our recorded history and it is highly likely that all of this activity over the decades is the visually elusive air traffic of beings involved in one singularly focused mission involving humans. This genetic program is a part of our human history,  it is here with you and I now and will continue flowing down line into humanities future. It is time to accept the fact that we are hybridized humanoid beings with alien DNA.
    However, the children of the very latest human genetic upgrade are quite different and far more advanced than you and I and thus are currently living off world out of harm’s way. We have a number of reliable eyewitness reports of these hybrid children and in this website we will paint a few broad strokes in order to take a peek at the feverish activity occurring out of public sight along with the mind bending possibilities of the impending first contact.
    Hybridization of a conscious humanoid appears to be quite complex. Evolution is not ruled out, but there is a point at which highly advanced humanoids begin to upgrade other humanoids. The benefits of this process would, at its simplest, be the perpetuation of life, intelligence and consciousness. This is a logical expectation within an infinite multiverse and likely a process that spans countless worlds and vast expanses of time as we know it. Earth is but a part of the process and not the process itself. We will come to realize that we are part of a larger galactic family and the relatives are coming to introduce themselves.
    The information, illustrations and scene recreations contained in this website exist, and can only be shared with the world thanks to the hard work of researchers, writers and CE4 eyewitnesses. To our readers we would like to state that this information has been diligently collected and represents literally hundreds of hours of conversation with experts in the field as well as abductees who were willing and kind enough to participate in the development of these renderings to assure as high a degree of accuracy as possible. As utterly bizarre and surreal as some of these renderings may appear to be, they are based upon input directly from abductees and CE4 eyewitnesses.  
    The Hybrids Project website begins with fundamental concepts and logical speculation and we expect more revelations and evidence to flow toward us as time passes, therefore this site will evolve and we will update sections as we learn more, so please stay tuned.
    The UFO phenomenon has evolved over the decades or at least our perception of it has. With each new sighting and each new eye witness report we are able to add a few more pieces to the puzzle, thus the big picture of what is happening is becoming clearer.
    1950's - 1970's
    In the early UFO years from 1950's, 60's and 70's fixation on craft and sightings, the incoming data for the general public being visual and iconic and the magic and mystery of the unknown in the Earth's skies is reinforced by Film and television shows which portrayed UFOs in various human-perspective scenarios. Our human perspective of what these strange craft and objects represent evolving each decade as more eye witness accounts came forth and our technology progressed - such as the internet which allowed the possibility for every witness to tell their story and for near real time updates on all facets of the contact phenomenon.
    A massive shift in UFO awareness came about In the 1980's with reports of abductions began to make it into books such as Communion, Taken, and Guardians, and the UFO mystery turned to fear. The late 1980's saw the internet came into common use allowing people to publish their own reports of abduction and tell their story. The abductions were taking place at night, commonly around 3am with surgical strike precision and high technology. This new collective fear, granted understandable considering the vivid and harrowing details, allowed our deepest fears about the vastness and potential of the Universe to solidify within our minds.
    The 1990's saw an increase in the details of the technology and logistics of these abductions - different types of beings were seen, bug-like, grey skin, small blue people, even dead relatives. Then we began to hear about the "Hybrids", those fragile children seen aboard alien craft who appeared to be both human and alien and most significantly, TELEPATHIC. The made for TV film Intruders was remarkable in addressing the hybrid being aspect of the abduction phenomenon and maintained a reasonable degree of accuracy in its portrayal of the methodology and appearance of both the small grays and the hybrid beings as typically described aboard craft.
    2000 to Present
    After 2000 the resolution increased and today we have a high definition picture of what is happening behind the UFO scenes, thanks to CE4 eyewitnesses like Whitley Strieber, Ed Walters and Jim Sparks who have a unique conscious recall of their abduction events. The general tone today is quite different than all of the previous decades with less fear and more understanding that indeed perhaps all of the crafts and night activity have been for the sole purpose of creating a hybrid species using human and alien DNA. The question now is, what does the future hold?
    Here we are in the present - the year is 2014 - and we have reports of Tall Grays, Small Grays, Nordics, Mantid beings, along with implants being removed by doctors (Dr. Leir) with strange lab results. We have people reporting missing time and awakening with strange visions of the future, unearthly mathematical concepts (Stan Romanek), people awakening in their beds at 3 am with mysterious self healing scars and sometimes even wearing the wrong clothes.
    Depiction of Small Grays performing a routine patient abduction
    Over the decades we have been provided with multiple reports of abductees being shown strange, humanoid babies and asked to hold these babies and to show them affection. Hundreds - if not thousands - of women have told stories of missing fetuses and phantom pregnancies. Male abductees have told us of face to face encounters with apparently alien-human children and sometimes even encountering a dead relative. What exactly is going on here? Why are abductees seeing all of the different types of beings; Grays, Nordics and Mantids with these hybrid children? At first glance these reports and the pieces of evidence seem chaotic, fragmented and random but upon closer observation there is a pattern and a repeating logic. Indeed, there appears to be a hierarchy of personnel involved in the hybrid project with each holding a unique function or purpose. Let's take a look at the hierarchy based upon the evidence and testimony to date in order to better understand who is behind this hybridization program.
    The massive Hybrid Project and the sphere of influence represented in an onion layer hierarchy diagram
    If we take a look at the Hybrid Program Sphere of Influence schematic (above) we can see the "Who's Who" onion layers and gain a better understanding of the overall hierarchy as seen from our human perspective. The inner core of the onion represents the least amount of power or influence. The outer layers represent the greatest power and control and likewise each outward layer represents an increase in the ability to traverse time and space in the cosmos.

    • Super Conscious Beings - Advanced beings from other realms with limitless influence/control.
    • Tall Grays - Transhumans with ultra technology directing the hybrid program.
    • Mantids - Insect like beings possessing ultra technology working with the Tall Grays.
    • Good Dead - Deceased humans with access to ultra technology and time space movement.
    • Blondes - Human like beings with ultra technology participating within the hybrid program
    • Reptilians - Beings possibly of Clade Dinosauria origin possessing ultra technology
    • Hybrid Humans - Composite beings who are the end result of the hybrid program
    • MILAB - Military humans with high knowledge and the ability to move about the solar system  
    • Abductees - Interact with higher beings and occasionally leave Earth and/or visit other dimensions
    • Dark Dead - Earth bound deceased humans who have limited abilities over the population.
    • Population - All ordinary Earth humans who typically have little or no knowledge of higher beings.

     Breakdown of the Hierarchy

    You and I are at the center of the diagram - the core of the sphere of influence. We, the Human Population, have very little influence over those beings in higher levels and generally have zero physical mobility into space. The general knowledge level of ET activity and other realms is in it's lowest state here.
    The next level we refer to as the Dark Dead which is comprised of humans who are deceased and no longer have a physical body and yet they have not progressed into higher dimensions. Though they are Earth bound, the dark dead see more of reality and what is hidden from the living according to Strieber's visitor in his book The Key.

    Abductees have experiences both conscious and unconscious involving traveling aboard craft away from the confines of Earth and in some cases have access to high level information directly from beings in the higher levels of the sphere of influence. Thus, abductees have greater mobility than the general population and a higher level of awareness of reality. Abductees can and do affect the general population below them.

    Whereas abductees may or may not be conscious during their CE4 interactions, we have independent reports of military personnel who are very much conscious and involved with not only the abductees but the higher level beings themselves and thus have great mobility on the Earth and off. These people are behind the so called military abductions and are generally referred to as MILAB. They have been witnessed extensively by many individuals and well described by Whitley Strieber and AJ among others. They have control of abductees aboard craft and on the planet's surface. Though these MILAB beings are likely human, they are far removed from the normal lifestyle and daily routine of surface bound humans. What they know and are capable of we can only speculate.

    One level above our charming military group are Human Hybrids who are reported to live off world but within our solar system. They have access to advanced technology and are telepathic. Though currently living off world, we have reports of human hybrids visiting incognito in safe areas of populated cities in order to acclimate themselves for future interaction with the population. Human hybrids have a great deal of influence over all levels beneath them and are themselves the reason for this entire program.
    The elusive Reptilians have access to ultra technology and are telepathic. It is possible they are humanoid beings of Clade Dinosauria origins and are the result of an earlier hybrid program far in the past on Earth. Their interaction with us now is evidence of the ability to move outside of time and space through extremely advanced technologies. It is reported the Reptilians are playing a role in the hybridization program although their contribution of DNA does not seem to hold the priority of that of the Tall Gray DNA within the hybrid beings. However, we the Population simply don't know the full extent of the hybrid program which could be far more vast and complex than we can imagine at this time.

    The Blondes or Nordic beings have been seen aboard UFOs on many occasions and have a very close physical appearance to human beings. They also possess advanced technology and are highly telepathic. Their role in the hybrid program is uncertain however CE4 eyewitness "AJ" reports encountering a Blonde being with large eyes and thinner blonde hair, suggesting he might have been a Gray-Blonde Hybrid.

    Residing one level higher than the Blondes are the Good Dead. This group consists of deceased humans who have moved onto another realm of existence. We place human souls on this level assuming they have all knowledge of physics and events of all the levels lower than them and - being free of a physical body - likely have greater  quantum mobility throughout the cosmos than the incarnate. Deceased relatives are frequently seen aboard craft by CE4 witnesses.

    Also seen by CE4 eyewitnesses quite often are the Mantid type beings. These beings are humanoid and usually bipedal having a torso, two arms, two legs and two eyes but are certainly based upon insect evolution, evident from their appearance. Here they are placed on the same hierarchical level as that of the Tall Grays as they are often reported to be as emotionless as the Grays and very active in clinical procedures with patients. Interestingly, like the Tall Grays and their subordinate Small Gray drones, David Huggins witnessed smaller Praying Mantis type drones working in tandem with the Small Gray drones. CE4 abductee AJ reports seeing several beings who appeared to be the possible genetic combination of  Tall Gray and Mantid genetics.

    The Tall Grays appear to be the initiators of the human hybrid program and are apparently the highest level of this extremely complex program that extends outside our solar system to other worlds and possibly even other dimensions. The Tall Grays are physically active in the program both contributing their advanced genome and managing the logistics of this multidimensional endeavor.

    Super Conscious Beings we place at the highest level of the hierarchy though very little is known of them. They appear to patients at times of stress or discomfort and possess great compassion and intellect. Super conscious beings might represent an extremely advanced collective that participates in an overview capacity making an audit of progress and from time to time by interacting with individuals subjected to these medical procedures.

    Click for a high resolution image and Right-Click again for HD
    Looking at the Hybrid Program sphere of influence from a larger perspective we can get a sense of the limited mobility into the universe we have as humans - the center of the onion. Moving outward from Earth we can see that MILAB people can move about into the solar system with the human Hybrids likely able to move about the entirety of our Milky Way Galaxy. Higher level beings such as the Blondes and Grays are likely able to move from galaxy to galaxy.
    At the outer most onion layer Super Conscious Beings might have the ability to move across various dimensional planes allowing for an interconnected multiverse wherein various galaxies and universes comprised of hybridized physical beings can rendezvous on the common ground that is the interior of an alien star craft or UFO.

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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ruimteschip Virgin Galactic slaagt voor derde testvlucht -

      Ruimteschip Virgin Galactic slaagt voor derde testvlucht -

      De SpaceShipTwo van Virgin Galactic © afp.

      Het ruimteschip van Virgin Galactic, de SpaceShipTwo, heeft zijn derde testvlucht vanuit de Mojave woestijn in Californië met succes volbracht. Het ruimtevaartuig kwam tot een hoogte van 21,640 meter.

      Volgens het bedrijf van de Britse zakenman Richard Branson werd het ruimteschip per vliegtuig naar een hoogte van 14.000 meter gebracht en vervolgens losgelaten. Met behulp van een raketmotor werden de laatste kilometers afgelegd. Het toestel bereikte niet eerder zo'n hoogte.

      De tweekoppige bemanning slaagde erin het toestel na de 10 minuten durende testvlucht weer veilig aan de grond te krijgen.

      Virgin Galactic hoopt op termijn commerciële vluchten naar de ruimte aan te kunnen bieden. Wanneer de eerste ruimtevlucht plaats zal vinden is onbekend, maar honderden mensen hebben al een aanbetaling op zo'n ruimtevlucht gedaan.

      Ruimteschip Virgin Galactic bereikt stratosfeer

      Nieuwe mijlpaal voor ruimtetoerisme

      © ap.

      Virgin Galactic heeft een nieuwe technische mijlpaal bereikt. Het ruimteschip 'SpaceShipTwo' is er donderdag tijdens een testvlucht in geslaagd om sneller en hoger te vliegen dan ooit. Het commerciële ruimtetoerisme komt zo weer een stapje dichterbij.

      Het draagvliegtuig WhiteKnightTwo bracht de SS2 tot op een hoogte van 14.300 meter waarna het losgekoppeld werd. Het ruimteschip bereikte de stratosfeer op een hoogte van ruim 21 kilometer door zijn motor twintig seconden te laten ontbranden. Het toestel klom zo hoger dan de eerste testvlucht in april en behaalde een topsnelheid van Mach 1,43 of omgerekend zo'n 1.750 kilometer per uur. De vlucht werd uitgevoerd boven de Mojavewoestijn in het zuidwesten van de Verenigde Staten.

      Indien alle testen positief blijven verlopen, zullen de eerste commerciële ruimtevluchten volgend jaar al van start kunnen gaan.

      Bekijk alvast de spectaculaire beelden van de testvlucht in onderstaande video.

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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Stephen Hawking revolteert: "Zwarte gaten bestaan niet" -

      Stephen Hawking revolteert: "Zwarte gaten bestaan niet" -

      © photo news.

      De beroemde professor Stephen Hawking heeft de wetenschapswereld geschokt door radicaal te beweren dat er geen zwarte gaten bestaan. Nochtans ligt hij zelf mee aan de basis van bepaalde theorieën rond de zogenaamde 'black holes'. In een artikel in Nature lijkt hij nu dus wetenschappelijke inzichten die al veertig jaar lang voor waar worden aangenomen, te ondermijnen. Of niet?

      Hawking beweert dat de waarnemingshorizon - de onzichtbare grens van elk zwart gat waarachter niets, zelfs geen licht, kan ontsnappen - niet bestaat. In plaats daarvan vermoedt Hawking het bestaan van een "schijnbare horizon" ('apparent horizon'), die tijdelijk materie en energie opvangt alvorens ze te lossen in de ruimte.

      "Je kan niet om het bestaan van een zwart gat heen in de klassieke theorie", zegt Hawking in Nature. Kwantumtheorie echter "maakt het mogelijk dat energie en informatie ontsnappen uit een zwart gat". En nu wordt het allemaal een beetje verwarrend...

      Vroeger dacht men dat als een astronaut ongelukkig genoeg in een zwart gat zou vallen, hij graag langs de waarnemingshorizon zou passeren, om geleidelijk naar binnen getrokken te worden - zich onderweg uitstrekkend als spaghetti - en uiteindelijk te pletter te slaan op de oneindig dichte kern van het zwarte gat.

      Maar theoretisch natuurkundige Joseph Polchinski kwam tot de conclusie dat de wetten van de kwantummechanica de situatie volledig zouden veranderen. Het zou een hoogenergetisch gebied worden dat de astronaut helemaal zou verbranden. Als dit echter het geval was, dan konden we Einsteins relativiteitstheorie opbergen. Dit is de bekende 'blackhole firewall paradox' en het houdt wetenschappers al jaren bezig.

      © thinkstock.

      Nu komt Hawking met een derde theorie op de proppen over hoe een zwart gat er zou kunnen uitzien. En die doet de hoofden van natuurkundigen dollen. Hawking suggereert immers dat de schijnbare horizon de echte grens is. "De afwezigheid van de waarnemingshorizon betekent dat er geen zwarte gaten zijn - in de zin van stelsels waaruit licht niet kan ontsnappen tot in het oneindige", schrijft Hawking.

      Polchinski staat echter erg sceptisch tegenover het idee dat zwarte gaten zonder waarnemingshorizon in de natuur zouden kunnen bestaan. "Het soort gewelddadige schommelingen die nodig zijn om ze weg te vagen zijn te zeldzaam in het heelal", beweert hij.

      Tolt jouw hoofd nu ook een beetje? Je bent niet alleen... Arie Nouwen doet een poging om een en ander duidelijker te stellen op "Hawking denkt nog steeds dat zwarte gaten bestaan, alleen ziet hun waarnemingshorizon er volgens zijn laatste inzichten anders uit dan men eerst dacht. (...) In plaats van de scherp begrensde waarnemingshorizon komt Hawking met een zogenaamde schijnbare horizon, die zich om het zwarte gat zou bevinden." De titel van het artikel in Nature is dus enigszins misleidend, volgens Nouwen.

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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.DETAILED ALIEN CLOSE ENCOUNTER IN THE ALPES OF FRANCE


                                                              (Before It's News)

      On July 1, 1965 in Valensole, Basses Alpes, France, farmer Maurice Masse was inspecting his field of lavender when he heard a whistling sound, then noticed an egg-shaped object with six thin legs and a central pedestal standing nearby. A classic close encounter case from France. At the same time, he also saw two “small boys,” humanoid-looking beings less than four feet tall, dressed in grayish-green one-piece coveralls.


      On July 1, 1965, near Valensole, France, a farmer named Maurice Masse noticed something unusual in his lavender field. It was around 5:45 a.m., as Masse was smoking himself a cigarette before starting his tractor, when he was suddenly startled by a whistling noise. At the time, he was positioned next to a 7-foot-tall rubble pile at the edge of a vineyard, so he had to step out from around this to view the source of the sound. It was then that he saw something shaped rather like a rugby ball and about the size of a Dauphine automobile, resting on four legs some 200 feet away in his lavender field. Close to the curious looking object were two figures resembling “boys of about eight years.” More curious than afraid, Masse approached and when he got within approx. 15-20 feet of the figures, they became aware of his presence and stood up. Masse described the beings as less than 4 feet tall, as dressed in gray-green overalls with smooth, bald, pumpkin like heads, large slanted eyes, and with little holes for their mouths. They made grunting sounds between them, although their mouths did not change appearance, and Masse was not sure where on their bodies the noise was coming from.

      One of the beings pointed a pencil-like object at Masse, whereupon he found that he could no longer move. Then the being placed the object into a small case or holster on its left side, and then the two beings moved with great agility toward the UFO, which they entered through a sliding door. Then with a whistling noise the UFO lifted off the ground and within seconds had disappeared in a westerly direction. After about 20 minutes, Masse had regained full control of his body again.

      Marks from the apparent craft remained visible on the ground. Three days after the incident, Masse suffered a great loss of energy. He slept 12 to 14 hours on the first day, and then the next day he slept nearly 24 hours. It was several weeks before he was able to resume his normal sleep routine.

      A number of investigators who had interviewed Masse (including the distinguished Professor Jacques Vallee) concluded that he wasn’t telling the whole story. Though he hinted that there had been some sort of communication between himself and the beings, he never revealed the particulars to investigators. He told Vallee that one was best off not sharing such encounters with anyone, even family. “One always says too much,” he added.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.








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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.There's a moon for us all at lunar art show - NEW SCIENTIST

      There's a moon for us all at lunar art show

      The man and the moon: one of the Private Moon series of pictures (Image: Leonid Tishkov/The Arts Catalyst)

      As the space race reheats, Republic of the Moon looks at our attitudes to the moon and raises the bigger issues of ownership and colonialism

      Republic of the Moon, Bargehouse, London, 9 January to 2 February; plus accompanying book Manifesto for a Republic of the Moon

      IT COULD hardly be more timely. Less than a month after China's Chang'e-3 mission placed a rover on the lunar surface, an art show, Republic of the Moon, sets out its own exploration of our natural satellite. Put together by the Arts Catalyst, an organisation whose remit is "provocative, playful, risk-taking" art-science projects, the aim is to encourage public engagement with a field usually dominated by politics, science, business and space enthusiasts.

      There is a publication, too: Manifesto for a Republic of the Moon, which works with the show to provide an alternative take on the moon's significance, focusing on wit, imagination, small-scale science and the unresolved issue of ownership .

      Take the "Moon Treaty", which came into force 30 years ago. It was framed to put the moon under international control, but as the moon race reheats, only 15 states have signed up to it. Aside from China's rover Yutu (which means "Jade Rabbit", a mythical pet of moon goddess Chang'e), India, Japan and South Korea also have projects. And companies are lining up, spurred by mining potential, interest in space tourism and Google's Lunar X prize of $20 million to create a privately funded lunar rover.

      These competing agendas are cleverly captured by artists Hagen Betzweiser and Sue Corke, who work together under the name WE COLONISED THE MOON. They are artists in residence at the exhibition. Entering their area, you are faced with a blackboard bearing the words: "Theme Park or Quarry".

      Elsewhere in the show, whimsy and imagination feature strongly. In Moon Goose Analogue: Lunar Migration Bird Facility, a film and elaborate control room by artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis, we see how she raised 11 geese, making them think she was their mother, and taking them on walks in a lunar-like landscape.

      Similarly imaginative is Joanna Griffin's work, Moon Vehicle, created with P. Shreekumar, an astrophysicist at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in Bangalore. This documents a project set up at a top art school in the city. Students used "imagination" experiments, art, and visits to ISRO to explore the technologies used in India's first lunar probe, Chandrayaan-1.

      Underlining the importance of other kinds of thinking, Griffin writes in the Manifesto: "Moon missions risk becoming a transport system whereby [only] certain ideologies and habits of thinking from Earth are projected onto the Moon." In other words, we are in danger of repeating the mistakes of the colonial era, but on an interplanetary scale.

      This problem is crystallised in Liliane Lijn's art. Her ongoing Moonmeme work consists of a proposed projection of the word "SHE" across the face of the moon. Such an approach sees the moon as a blank canvas on which, she says, to "transform the meaning of an essential word".

      Translation and transformation are also key to Katie Paterson's Earth-Moon-Earth. She turned Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata into Morse code, reflected it off the moon and deciphered it back on Earth for a self-playing baby grand piano. The result is recognisable but glitch-ridden because the moon absorbs some information in its shadows. The "moon-altered" score turns the gaps into enigmatic intervals and rests.

      In Paterson's work, the moon is an agent of change. But in Leonid Tishkov's Private Moon, it is a fixed point. This set of photos, each coupled with a verse, tells of a relationship between a man who met the moon and stayed with "her" for the rest of his life. It is touching, but the images see the moon as alien, empty, passive; the man is the only active force.

      Overall, the show is admirable for its attempts to engage the public and for suggesting that when it comes to the moon's ownership, narratives of colonialism and gender are never far away. But it remains open to charges of anthropocentrism: as if the moon only matters in how it relates to humanity. The exhibition repeats the logic that gave us anthropogenic climate change, and, for all its emphasis on imagination and wit, fails to offer us an escape route.

      Tom Jeffreys is an art critic, and edits online magazine The Learned Pig

      Issue 2953 of New Scientist magazine

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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Meteoor duikt op boven ons land - Het

      Meteoor duikt op boven ons land 


      De mysterieuze lichtbol die zaterdagavond rond negen uur opdook boven ons land en Nederland, was waarschijnlijk een klein rotsblok uit de ruimte. Dat zegt Alex Scholten van de Volkssterrenwacht bij het Gelderse Bussloo. Een Nederlandse automobilist maakte met een dashcam toevallig beelden van het indrukwekkende schouwspel.

      Uit vrijwel heel Nederland kwamen zaterdag meldingen binnen over de opvallende lichtbol. Ook in ons land werd de meteoor waargenomen. Op sociale netwerksites maakten heel wat mensen melding van het vreemde fenomeen, dat vermoedelijk werd veroorzaakt door een meteoor.

      'Het ging waarschijnlijk om een object ter grootte van een voetbal, of iets groter', zegt Alex Scholten van de Volkssterrenwacht. 'Ze beginnen op grote hoogte op te branden. Soms al op 80 kilometer.' Van de meteoor blijft vermoedelijk weinig meer over. ‘Als er al een stukje rots over is, dan is dat waarschijnlijk in de Noordzee terechtgekomen', aldus Scholten.

      19-01-2014 om 12:30 geschreven door peter

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