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    Welkom bij Het Bloggershoekje

    Welkom bij Het Bloggershoekje

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    Gadhimai Festival
    Nepal mass animal sacrifice festival

    In an unparalleled religious madness, in Nepal, a Hindu festival calls for a mass animal sacrifice which is considered to be the world's goriest mass killing of animals.

    A few hundred thousands buffaloes, pigs, goats, pigeons, rabbits and chickens are killed as part of the blood-soaked festival held every five years (November 24, 25) to honor the Hindu goddess of power.


    'Mass sacrifice of animals is barbaric'

    Monday 23 November 2009 - Pramada Shah, president of the Animal Welfare Network Nepal and wife of the king's nephew, explains what will happen during the Gadhimai Jatra festival on November 24-25, at which half a million animals and birds are expected to be sacrificed

    Pramada Shah with the high priest of Gadhimai. Photograph: Lucia de Vries
    Animal sacrifice is an everyday occurrence in Nepal. One could visit one of the countless temples and suddenly find oneself witnessing the beheading of a goat, a chicken, a duck, or even a young buffalo. The visitor might catch the last sounds of a dying animal or find oneself wading through a stream of blood.

    The 'mother of all sacrifices' is at Gadhimai Jatra in Bara district in the south of Nepal. This festival is held once every five years. Last time 20,000 buffaloes were killed as well as an unknown number of other animals, including rats, snakes, pigeons, chicken, ducks, goats and sheep. The total number of animals killed in the span of just two days was estimated to be 200,000. This year the organisers aim to sacrifice no less than half a million animals. Local communities are being pressurised to increase the numbers; each village committee is supposed to pledge one thousand animals.

    Some 70 per cent of devotees come from India, which is just across the border from Gadhimai. One reason for the event's huge popularity is its proximity to India, where some states have now banned sacrificial slaughter. In India today there is greater awareness about animal sacrifice and animal suffering so it is sad to see that Nepal caters to those devotees who will be able to conduct sacrifices that are illegal in their home states.

    Sacrifice in itself is gruesome. Unsystematic mass sacrifice such as the one in Gadhimai is no less than barbaric. The worst killings are those of panchhbali – five offerings – in which the throats of five kinds of animals (buffaloes, goats, pigs, roosters and rats) are slit with a knife. It is not done quickly. The animals die a slow, extremely cruel, violent death while the priests sprinkle the blood across the idol and its surroundings.

    Right after the panchhbali, it is the buffaloes' turn. Wielding swords, men enter a fenced yard where around 20,000 buffaloes are kept, and start hacking at the buffaloes' necks. As the killers cannot chop off the buffaloes' heads at once, they first cut the hind legs. After the animal falls on the ground the men hack until the buffalo's head is separated from the body. It takes up to twenty five attempts to kill a big buffalo. The suffering is unimaginable.

    Campaigners have protested against the widespread public sacrifice in Nepal for the last two decade, but I am a late entrant to this movement. Despite the fact that I have been involved in the women's movement for long, I had to give it some thought before becoming equally vocal about another sensitive issue. But I have always been against sacrifice.

    I remember creating a scene when I was about eight when I realised that a goat I used to play with was going to be killed. What upset me even more was that the fact that the goat would be beheaded in the name of God. In my Hindu upbringing I was taught that God was the Creator; even as a child I could not understand why God would want His creatures to be killed.

    After seeing how upset I was my family stopped sacrificing animals. My relatives are animal lovers too so they might have been secretly relieved to be offering coconuts instead of animals. When I married a member of the royal family, my in-laws kindly agreed to abandon animal sacrifice and introduce the offerings of fruits and vegetables. They too are aware of the futility of animal sacrifice.

    Since then I have talked to numerous people about this issue. I have come to realise that pledging animals to get one's wishes fulfilled is a deep-rooted tradition. Children grow up witnessing numerous public sacrifices; people are made to believe that killing animals in a temple is a short cut to becoming successful. Even well-educated Nepalese, social campaigners and development agencies continue the tradition.

    When I ask educated people why they don't stop sacrifice, at least in their own family, they answer that bad luck could be the outcome and that a tragedy might occur. They feel it is better to continue the age old traditions and be safe. With such widespread deep-rooted superstition it is easy to imagine how hard it is for campaigners to address this issue. The superstitious nature of the Nepalese people stands in the way of abolishing archaic practices such as animal sacrifice as well as witchcraft, racial discrimination, women's suppression and others.

    Nepal's leaders might be concerned about the image of the country when the world's largest sacrifice starts next week, but they will not want to interfere. They regard the issue as 'too sensitive' and claim they do not want to hurt the sentiments of religious groups.

    Animal sacrifice benefits the business community involved in fairs such as Gadhimai. This year the organising committee expects to raise about 2 million euros from selling animal hides and carcasses as well as payment for logistics and recreational facilities. In contrast, the poor do not do well out of it. Some will have to spend up to two months' salary to buy an animal to be sacrificed at the fair.

    Another issue that is overlooked is that cruelty against animals harms society as a whole; it signals and normalises insensitivity in children who can become numb to the suffering of living beings. Now that the armed conflict has ended, Nepal needs peaceful practices that educate the next generation for a harmonious society.

    The involvement of the international community is crucial to the campaign's success. The support of the world at large will act as a catalyst by creating an atmosphere of shame among those who continue to sacrifice innocent creatures and motivate lawmakers to introduce a legal and administrative framework.

    The movement is already gaining momentum and will continue to grow after images from the killings fields of Gadhimai are broadcast across the nation and the world. Animals cannot speak for themselves. Until now it has been the priests and business community to speak for them: bring more, kill more animals. It is high time for every concerned citizen to speak out and stop inhumane killings in the name of religion.



    There have been protest against this mass animal slaughtering but despite all the protests, the festival and the slaughtering of animals went on in 2009 festival.

    Around 250.000 animals were slaughtered including the young ones of the animals.

    About 5 million people participate in the festival, the majority of whom are Indian people from the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

    Attending the festival in Nepal circumvents the ban on animal sacrifice in their own states. Participants believe that animal sacrifices for the Hindu goddess Gadhimai will end evil and bring prosperity.

    A month before the ritual in 2009, the Nepalese government realised there would be a "severe shortage" of goats for the ritual sacrifice, as well as for the consumption of goat meat during the festival. They began a radio campaign urging farmers to sell their animals.

    The festival started in the first week of November 2009 and ends in the first week of December (up to makar sankranti), the fair has a custom of animal sacrifice that occurred on November 24 & 25 in the year 2009 , with the temple's head priest performing ritual sacrifice called Saptabali which includes the sacrifice of white mice, pigeons, roosters, ducks, swine and male water buffaloes. More than 20,000 buffaloes were sacrificed on the first day. It is estimated that 250,000 animals were killed during the Gadhimai festival of 2009.

    The ritual killings were performed by more than 200 men in a concrete slaughterhouse near the temple. Three infant children of pilgrims who had come to observe Gadhimai festival had died due to the extreme cold. Six people died after drinking adulterated "hooch".

    The festival has prompted numerous protests by animal rights activists. In 2009 activists made several attempts to stop the ritual, including Brigitte Bardot and Maneka Gandhi, who wrote to the Nepalese government asking them to stop the killings.

    A government official commented that they will not "interfere in the centuries-old tradition of the people." Ram Bahadur Bomjon, claimed by some of his supporters to be the reincarnation of the Buddha, said that he will attempt to stop the sacrifice at the festival, preaching non-violence and offering a blessing at the place. His promise had prompted the government to send additional forces to prevent any incident.

    After the festival, the meat, bones and hides of the sacrificed animals are sold to processing and tannery companies in India and Nepal.

    To the disgrace of Nepal, the brutal killing of over 200,000 animals at the Gadhimai Festival in 2009 was sponsored by the country's Government.

    Largely ignored by the rest of the world, the handling and slaughter of the animals contravened the most basic animal welfare standards. Anyone at the festival could kill animals in whatever way they wished and with any tool they chose. Many of the water buffaloes were brought over the border from India and, if they had not died during transit, they were put into an enclosure prior to the festival and not fed or watered for several days, making them weak and less resistant to their killers.

    - Geoff Knight Osh -


    The goddess’ favour is believed to protect against accidental or violent death, and in the same spirit, some sacrifices are dedicated to individual vehicles or weapons.

    But in recent years, the more than 1,000-year-old custom has offended the modern sensibilities of animal rights organisations, who have spoken out in public against the state-subsidised sacrifices.

    Over a million animals were sacrificed last year in Nepal, according to Animal Welfare Network Nepal, which has launched the Stop Animal Sacrifice Campaign.

    In a letter to the Government, the group said:

    Nepal is the world’s key implementer of animal sacrifice, a practice that promotes superstition and violence, drains the poor and prevents Nepal from becoming a truly advanced country. Decapitating a bleating buffalo or goat should not be the symbol of the Nepali civilisation. The animal rights campaigners have also targeted the five-yearly festival of Gadhimai in the plains district of Bara.

    Last year 16,000 water buffaloes were slaughtered at the festival, where people make sacrifices of any animal they can afford, including rats, pigs, chicken, goats or pigeons.

    Despite the campaigns, there appears to be little shift away from the practice by the public.

    Filmmaker Aman Adhikari said:

    People share a very tight attachment with their culture and religion, which makes it very difficult to discourage animal sacrifices during festivals.

    His film In God’s Pond shows how inhabitants of Khokna, 10 kilometres south of Kathmandu, drown baby goats in the local pond to protect their own newborn children from a similar fate.

    There are some young people who would like to break away from the tradition. But they can’t get away because it’s something they have grown up with and the local belief is very strong.

    Attempts by the government to withdraw support for the rituals have not been popular. In 2008, a proposed cut of the budget for sacrifice animals met with strong protests from local communities.

    Bibi Funyal, photographer who covered the festival last year, is quoted here as saying:

    I was assigned to film the festival. At first I seemed okay but when the killing started I suddenly found my knees shaking. In the beginning the butchers were able to cut the heads of the buffaloes in one stroke. Later they seemed to get into a frenzy and did not kill properly. I would take them a long time to severe the heads. The buffaloes were mooing – it was a terrible sound. The babies were searching for their mothers, not understanding what was going. At some point a baby buffalo came up to me and it touched my tripod. That was when I felt I would be passing out if I continued filming. When I left the place I had to step over thousands of bodies and heads and wade through animal blood. It was something I will never do again, even if they offer me an award.

    Lucia de Vries, an international animal rights campaigner added:

    Now that I observed the festival I am convinced that these killings are among the worst forms of animal cruelty in the world. I pray that when the images come out the international community will agree that we have to stop this. To kill thousands of buffaloes without any humanity, by starving them for 2-3 days, by not tethering them, by carrying out the beheading publicly by butchers in a frenzy, and by mixing the dead with the living, is something unimaginable and totally unnecessary. I have a sense of failure and feel we have let these beautiful, loyal creatures down entirely. I appeal to all concerned citizens to do whatever is in their ability to stop the killings at Gadhimai.


    Stop Animal Sacrifice
    email campaign

    To whom it may concern

    I wish to express my deep concern about animal cruelty being conducted in the name of religion in Nepal.

    In Nepal animal sacrifice is widely practised. There are no rules to regulate sacrifice, instead the government supports blood sacrifices by providing subsidies. Apart from regular sacrifice at Goddess temples, extreme cruelty is conducted at certain festivals including the live skinning and burning of animals, slow killings through throat slitting, killing with unsharp knives, public beheadings, etc. In particular, I refer to the Gadhimai Festival in the Bara District of Nepal which is "celebrated" by sacrificing around 200,000 animals. Here innocent creatures are killed en masse in an unorganised manner by devotees which includes the public beheading of 20,000 buffaloes.

    Well known is the annual sacrifice taking place during Kalratri, Dasain, when the priests of the Taleju Temple kill water buffaloes throughout the night, followed by the sacrifice of 108 buffaloes by the army in the Kot courtyard during the next day.

    Another is the Khokana Festival, held in August, during which a terrified goat is thrown into the Deu-pond close to the Rudrayani temple, after which it is torn apart whilst still alive by a group of young men.

    A similarly horrific event is the Sasarimaiko Mela in Mahottari which is held every twelve years and witnesses the killing of at least 10,000 animals.

    No one can adequately explain why these practices are carried out year after year – except to say they are "traditional". This however is not a valid argument to continue these practices. Nepal, realizing the adverse effects, has abolished a number of "traditions" in the past, including human sacrifice and widow burning.

    I urge the Government of Nepal to abolish the above practices for the following reasons:

    1. It hurts the animals – contrary to what many believe, animals suffer tremendously before and during sacrifice. They are generally hurt during transportation, starved and dehydrated, and often purposely killed slowly and painfully, as it is believed that the goddess prefers slow deaths. In certain rituals animals are skinned alive, torn apart by human teeth or tortured to such an extent they die from stress and shock.

    2. It hurts us - cruelty against animals harms society as a whole; it signals and normalizes insensitivity in children who can become numb to the suffering of living beings. It is also known to influence certain people to commit violence to other humans.

    3. It strengthens vested interests – sacrifices generally boost the interests of those who benefit from superstition-based beliefs and rituals. As Nepal is moving on to become a more fully democratic, egalitarian society, it is crucial to challenge age-old beliefs which are not beneficial and drain the resources of the poor and needy.

    4. It contradicts the spirit of laws - Nepal is concerned about the welfare of its precious flora and fauna, and has signed a number of international Wildlife Treaties followed by the introduction of the Meat Act, which introduces humane killing of livestock and poultry. The cruelty displayed in these so-called traditions completely contradicts the spirit and gestures of these treaties and acts.

    5. It is bad for tourism - as tourists are abhorred by such practices, the festivals will have an adverse effect on tourism, an industry which provides the country with much-needed financial returns. Those foreigners who experience or come to know the extent of sacrifice in this country leave Nepal confused and with a heavy heart, rather than uplifted by its paradoxical beauty and friendliness.

    I implore you to end these violent practices and help Nepal move towards a truly peaceful country in keeping with its international image. This can be done by introducing and enforcing the much needed Animal Welfare Act to curb animal cruelty and by promoting genuine animal welfare activities across the country.

    I trust that you will support these measures (which are becoming more widespread around the world) and thus promote non-violent cultural practices in Nepal. Until such a time, however, I regret that it will be necessary to boycott Nepal both as a tourist and by way of commerce and to encourage others to participate in a boycott as well.

    Yours sincerely,

    please sign with your name and address


    Please copy and paste the above text into an email and send it to the given addresses below.

    Subject: Animal Sacrifice in Nepal.

    Then send an email to each of the other Government Representatives listed below using the appropriate names and email addresses. You may wish to amend the text according to your own preference - but please be polite in your comments.


    Nepali Congress Central Office
    B.P. Smriti Bhawan, B.P. Nagar, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal
    Fax: ++ (977-1) 5555188

    Communist Party of Nepal (CPN ML)

    Address: Maitidevi

    Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

    Address: Buddha Nagar
    Fax: ++ (977-1) 4602289

    Communist Party of Nepal (Unified)

    Address: Dhobi Khola

    Ministry of Tourism
    Fax: ++ (977-1) 4211758

    Rastriya Prajatantra Party
    Address: Chabahil

    Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party
    Address: Baneshwor
    Fax: ++ (977-1) 4462383

    Nepal Workers and Peasants Party
    Address: Bhaktapur
    Fax: ++ (977-1) 6613207

    Madhesi's People's Right Forum
    Address: Kupondole
    Fax: ++ (977-1) 5541278


    more addresses:

    Nepal Political Parties, Individual emails:,,,,, , ,

    Nepali Congress Central Office
    B.P. Smriti Bhawan, B.P.Nagar, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal
    Fax : ++ (977-1) 5555188

    Communist Party of Nepal (CPN ML)
    C.P Mainali
    Address: Maitidevi
    Rastriya Prajatantra Party

    Head of Party: Pashupati Sumsher Rana
    Address: Chabahil

    Nepal Workers and Peasants Party
    Head of Party: Narayan Man Bijukche
    Address: Bhaktapur
    Fax No: ++(977-1) 6613207

    Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party
    Head of Party: Mahanta Thakur
    Address: Baneshwor
    Fax No: ++(977-1) 4462383

    Madhesi’s People’s Right Forum
    Upendra Yadav
    Address: Kupondole
    Fax nr: ++ (977 -1) 5541278

    Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
    Head of Party: Pushpa Kamal Dahal
    Address: Buddha Nagar
    Fax: 01 4602289

    Communist Party of Nepal (Unified)
    Head of Party: Ram Singh Shris (Rajbir)
    Address: DhobiKhola

    Honarable Prime Minister
    Office of the Prime Minister, Singha Durbar
    Faxes: + 977 1 227 286 or 428 570

    Honarable State Minister for Foreign Affairs
    Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
    Tel: 977-1-4416011, 4416012, 4416013, 4416014, 4416015
    Fax: 977-1-4416016

    Right Honarable President Dr Ram Baran Yadav
    Office of the President
    Sheetal Niwas, Kathmandu
    Fax no ++ 977 – 1 – 4416495

    Honarable Minister
    Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives,
    Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
    Phone: 4211706,4211950,4211981,4211898,4211841,4211648,4211961, 4211905
    Fax: 977-1- 4211935, 4211839

    Hon’ble Minister
    Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation
    Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel.: 4211992, 4211669, 4211846, 4211847, 4211711, 4211685, 4211825, 4231196, 4211909
    Fax: 977 1 4211758

    Honorable Minister
    Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction
    Singh Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
    Tel: +977 1 4211189, 4211090, 4211176, 4211092
    Fax: +977 1 4211186 and 4211173

    Ministry of Law and Justice
    Address: Singha Durbar, Kathmandu
    Tel: 977-1-4223727, 4224633, 4220672
    Fax: 977-1-4220684

    Ministry of Home Affairs
    Address: Singha Durbar, Kathmandu,Nepal
    Tel: 977-1-4211261, 4211212, 4211274, 4211249, 4211224
    Fax: 977-1-4211264

    Source of these addresses: Compass

    The petitions

    Please sign the following petitions to abolish this cruel tradition:

    Stop Animal Sacrifice Nepal

    Stop the Gadhimai Massacre 2014

    Thank you!

    The cause on Facebook

    If you like to actively help to stop animal sacrifice or simply to stay up to date about actions to take, please join the group on Facebook

    17-03-2012 om 09:20 geschreven door debosheks  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Patrick , de mirakelhond, overleefde een jaar geleden ! Wat liefde kan doen !


    We all love you Patrick !

    16-03-2012 om 16:07 geschreven door debosheks  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Vergeef me...!

    Vergeef me, ik ben slechts een nederige helper, kon ik jullie maar allemaal redden !

    16-03-2012 om 16:01 geschreven door debosheks  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Wonderen bestaan nog !

    WONDEREN bestaan nog , met de hulp van ENGELEN !

    16-03-2012 om 15:46 geschreven door debosheks  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Snuggle !

    16-03-2012 om 15:25 geschreven door debosheks  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Time to Make UP !

    *Time to Make UP !
    Dinsdag 13 maart 2012

    Op 13 maart startte onze campagne Time to make up!. Proefdiervrij stond bij de ingang van de Tweede Kamer om politici te vragen om te komen knuffelen met (pluche) konijnen en te vragen mee te werken aan doorgang van het cosmeticaverbod in 2013. Wie kwamen knuffelen waren de kamerleden Jacobi, Plasterk, Van Dekken, Dijsselbloem en Samson (PvdA), Jansen en Van Gerven (SP), Voortman (GroenLinks), Van Veldhoven (D66), Graus (PVV), Leegte (VVD)en Ouwehand en fractielid Knight (PvdD). Bekijk hier de foto's!

    Europese Cosmetica Richtlijn – Time to Make Up

    De feiten op een rij:

    • Sinds 1997 is het verboden in Nederland om cosmeticaproduct te testen op proefdieren.
      Sinds 2004 geldt dit verbod voor alle Europese landen.
    • Op 11 maart 2013 moet het verbod ingaan op het testen van ingrediënten van cosmeticaproducten op proefdieren. Dat wil zeggen dat op deze datum het Europese totale test- en handelsverbod op dierproeven voor cosmetische producten van kracht gaat.

    Maar tot onze grote zorg, dreigt de Europese commissie deze deadline niet te halen.

    … Proefdiervrij gaat hier niet mee akkoord…

    … omdat de vorige verboden er niet toe geleid hebben dat er problemen zijn ontstaan in de productie van cosmetica.

    … omdat de industrie gestimuleerd wordt door het handhaven van deze datum en door politieke druk, om op korte termijn proefdiervrije methoden te ontwikkelen. Valt deze datum weg, dan valt tevens deze stimulans weg.

    … omdat een 3e uitstel de Europese Commissie niet ten goede komt qua geloofwaardigheid.

    Dat is de reden dat wij deze knuffelactie hebben georganiseerd: om te pleiten voor de handhaving van de deadline van het totale test en handelsverbod verbod op diergeste cosmetica. We hebben nog één jaar te gaan om ervoor te zorgen dat het verbod per 13 maart2013 ingaat! We houden u op de hoogte! De aanwezige kamerleden hartelijk dank voor hun steun!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.FaceBook blokkeert dierenredders !


      Why This Is Important

      Within the last few weeks many animal networkers have had their Facebook accounts frozen, some have been locked out. Online rescuers use these Facebook accounts to save shelter animals lives and raise money to help participating rescues so the dogs/cats can get the care that they need when they are lucky to have their lives saved. Because Facebook's computer system is "glitching" online rescuers from doing their job--DOGS AND CATS ARE DYING!!!

      It is impossible to get back to access these accounts. Facebook requests a scan of a photo id and when a scan is submitted, in most cases, it is ignored. Some don't have a scanner and some don't have a photo ID. Along with that many of us consider it an intrusion into our personal security.

      There seems to be no way to get direct contact to the Facebook staff and while this continues, MORE SHELTER ANIMALS DIE!!

      Please sign this petition and maybe we can get some attention from a major media outlet or EVEN FACEBOOK! It is a sad situation, while many people are still Facebook playing games, buying from Facebook ads, some members even PROMOTING ANIMAL ABUSE directly on Facebook--the people who are so concerned that they donate every free minute they have to help save animals are cut off from this system.

      To see a current list of online networkers affected, please go to: (*** deactivated by facebook)


      PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION and help us get back to helping to save lives!

      THANK YOU!

      Why People Are Signing


      I just signed the following petition addressed to: Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg CEO 156 university Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94301.


      Within the last few weeks many animal networkers have had their Facebook accounts frozen, some have been locked out. Online rescuers use these Facebook accounts to save shelter animals lives and raise money to help participating rescues so the dogs/cats can get the care that they need when they are lucky to have their lives saved. Because Facebook's computer system is "glitching" online rescuers from doing their job--DOGS AND CATS ARE DYING!!!

      It is impossible to get back to access these accounts. Facebook requests a scan of a photo id and when a scan is submitted, in most cases, it is ignored. Some don't have a scanner and some don't have a photo ID. Along with that many of us consider it an intrusion into our personal security.

      There seems to be no way to get direct contact to the Facebook staff and while this continues, MORE SHELTER ANIMALS DIE!!

      Please sign this petition and maybe we can get some attention from a major media outlet or EVEN FACEBOOK! It is a sad situation, while many people are still Facebook playing games, buying from Facebook ads, some members even PROMOTING ANIMAL ABUSE directly on Facebook--the people who are so concerned that they donate every free minute they have to help save animals are cut off from this system.

      To see a current list of online networkers affected, please go to: (*** deactivated by facebook)


      PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION and help us get back to helping to save lives!

      THANK YOU!


      [Your name]
      Within the last few weeks many animal networkers have had their Facebook accounts frozen, some have been locked out. Online rescuers use these...
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      A dozen day-old ducklings are delivered to safety.

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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.OPROEP: WIE WEET MEER OVER DE MOORDENAAR VAN DEZE PUPPIES ?


      12 dode puppy’s gevonden in bosjes

      Politie zoekt getuigen

      Zwolle, 15-03-2012

      Woensdagmiddag 14 maart zijn verspreid in de bosjes van de berm van de Meeleweg in totaal 12 dode puppy’s gevonden. De politie werd hierover getipt door een passant. De hondjes zijn waarschijnlijk tussen de 10 en 12 weken oud. Het vermoeden bestaat dat de diertjes, die waarschijnlijk al dood waren, stuk voor stuk uit een auto zijn gegooid. Het betreffen geen rashondjes maar neigen aldus de kenners naar de rassen Border Collie / Drentse Stabij in de overwegend witte en aanvullend zwarte en bruine kleuren. De locatie aan de Meelweg waar de puppies werden gevonden vormt de oprit van het viaduct over de Hermelenweg en de A-28, gezien vanuit de richting Nieuwleusen.

      Mensen die iets gezien of gehoord hebben dat mogelijk met de dood van de aangetroffen dode hondjes te maken kan hebben, wordt gevraagd contact op te nemen met de politie via 0900-8844. Graag wil de politie meer weten over mensen die vorige week nog een nest jonge hondjes hadden en die plotseling in de afgelopen dagen niet meer aanwezig waren. Anonieme informatie kan worden doorgegeven bij Bel M. (Meld Misdaad AnonieM) via 0800-7000.

      Door de dierenpolitie van het korps Politie IJsselland wordt een onderzoek naar de herkomst van de hondjes ingesteld.







      Actuele dossiersGeen dossiers aanwezig

      landelijke dossiersGeen dossiers aanwezig

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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Hoe stenen en kristallen te gebruiken !

      How to Use Native American Crystal Healing
      Many Native Americans tribes have developed healing therapies using crystals. While the specifics of ritual practice with crystals varies greatly among tribes and practitioners, the basic concepts of crystal healing remains the same. Developing your own crystal healing skills may take years, but you can use some of the techniques immediately.
      Clear your own energy field. Crystals are like amplifiers of energy, working to focus and strengthen the positive while clearing energy blockages. Your body works the same as a crystal, so you must finely tune your own energy and clarify your intentions before working on yourself or others.
      Pray, meditate and exercise to balance and strengthen yourself. By respecting all living things through prayer, you will purify and clarify your intention and will. Meditation will center your energy and clear your mind. Physical exercise will enhance and strengthen your energy field and promote strength of the mind, body and spirit. Your ability to communicate with crystals will increase as you perfect these three important steps.
      Communicate with your crystals. According to Native American beliefs, crystals can communicate while existing on multiple dimensions. They offer us information we cannot reach ourselves, and they promote harmonic symmetry and perfection within the world. You must become friends with the crystal energies you work with so that they can reveal their purpose to you.
      Decorate your body and home with crystals. Speak to them daily and give them to others. Carry them in your pockets when they call out to you. If you have a strong desire to sleep with a crystal under your pillow do it. If you feel someone needs a crystal, give it away.
      Let the crystal go if you feel someone else needs the healing energy. The more you work with crystals, the more they will appear in your life when needed. Some crystals may ask to be made into a necklace or charm and stay with you forever, while others may need to be gifted to someone else or used in ritual practice. Remember that crystals are free spirits and they should guide you, not vice versa.
      Use your intuition and third sense to determine which crystals to use. Let the crystals tell you how and when to use them. Native Americans believe that a human cannot teach another human how to heal with crystals, as the crystals themselves are the teachers. After many years of communicating with the spirits within the crystals, using them to heal in various situations will come naturally, like an instinct.

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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen."HONDJE "!

      "HONDJE "!

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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ook goeie morgen !


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      Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Helende stenen voor dieren!


      De gunstige werking van stenen en kistallen bij mensen is ondertussen algemeen bekend.
      Maar wist je dat ze dezelfde gunstige effecten op dieren kunnen hebben !


      Mother Nature’s healing crystals and stones are a wonderful way to benefit your pet's health and overall life. Animals instinctively recognize healing crystal and mineral energy as being beneficial. For example, your pet does not have to be told Rose Quartz calms frazzled nerves and helps with sleep. Your pet senses what the crystal can do for him or her, which is why most pets are attracted to Rose Quartz.

      There are some very simple crystal healing methods that can be used to help your pet during times of illness or stress.

      Healing pets and animals requires a very strong and centered mind. Animal's minds are not like humans. Humans related to pain whereas animals react to pain. Any fear you have can also be sensed by an animal and amplified by the crystals. It is very important to be balanced, centered, grounded and have good intentions before you attempt to heal your pet with crystals or stones. Crystals amplify effects and you need to be cautious until you find out how your pet reacts.

      Your pet will let you know when they’ve had enough. Watch for signs such as tail swishing, foot stamping, ears back, teeth-baring, hair-raising, attempts to flee and other such warning signals. If they present any of these signs, slow down or stop the healing temporarily. Crystal healing can sometimes be too fast for an animal to integrate. It can also be too intense and actually cause more pain or other discomfort. As crystal healing promotes rapid healing in animals, easing off may help alleviate the stress caused by a healing crisis. When the healing is good, the animal will show signs of comfort and affection such as drooping eye lids, teeth gnashing, drooling, general softening of muscle tissues and sighing.

      Below is a list of crystals and stones that will benefit your pet, including birds, reptiles, and other four-legged and finned companions. Animals and pets can respond very quickly to the healing energy of crystals and stones. However, remember to seek the best available competent medical advice for your pet or animal. Using crystals for healing pets and animals is not intended nor should not replace the advice of a professionally qualified veterinarian.

      AGATE - You cannot go wrong with the Agate family. The powerful yet gentle energy of Agate can open the channels of communication between you and your pet, will balance your pet’s energy, assist with sleep, calm anxiety, and help your pet focus during training.

      AMBER – a great stone for pets due to its versatility, Amber is a wonderful and supportive healing stone. While not technically a crystal (Amber is fossilized tree resin) this is what promotes its connection to past life issues or any kind of physical healing. Amber is also known to have both a calming and energizing effect, dependant on what is needed at the moment. This attribute makes Amber perfect for both the smaller, hyper animals with high metabolism, as well as larger and calmer ones.

      AMETHYST - use for everything from pain to disorientation. Amethyst’s energy perks up couch potato pets, clears negative energy while balancing your pet’s energy fields, calms rattled nerves, and is an all-around healer.

      BLACK OBSIDIAN - great for reptile owners as Obsidian absorbs negative energy and heat. Reptiles will love its heat-retaining qualities, and the shiny black stone will look good in their habitat too. Just be sure the stones have smooth edges.

      BLACK ONYX - a great stone for outdoor pets, because it is known to draw out negative energies and entities, which can be helpful for things like fleas and parasites. As such, it is good for the bowels. A very protective stone, Black Onyx is supportive of physical strength and stamina, and can be helpful during times of stress, such as physical illness, trauma, or even during fights with other animals.

      BLOODSTONE - supports overall health, strength, and endurance. Wearing or carrying Bloodstone is helpful for balancing the chakras and for grounding negative or excessive energies. Bloodstone is also commonly used to increase intuition, which would be indispensable to any animal.

      BLUE CALCITE - use when your pet is recuperating from surgery or trying to settle into a new home. Its relaxing energy soothes nerves, relieves anxieties, and helps with sleep. This is a great crystal to use with nervous, high-strung animals.

      BLUE LACE AGATE - promotes sleep, calms an anxious pet, and boosts self-esteem

      CALCITE - benefits the skeletal system

      CARNELIAN - promotes emotional warmth, individuality, courage, happiness, and harmony. It also helps release emotions such as anger, fear, and envy. Attach a Carnelian charm to your shy or nervous dog or cat’s collar. Carnelian is also beneficial for skin problems.

      CLEAR QUARTZ - a master healer that is effective for all conditions, strengthening the aura and protecting against negative energies. Clear Quartz will help strengthen your pet’s immune system, which will improve his or her overall health. It can also stimulate energy levels. Dog and cat owners use it during training as quartz heightens communication between the pet and its owner. Bird owners could use it as well when taming and training new birds. Clear Quartz is great for amplifying intention, so you could program it with a specific purpose for your pet, before use. If you decide to use Clear Quartz for your pets, you should clear it in the evenings, as it will absorb any negative vibes with which your pet has come into close contact.

      CORAL - kidneys and bladder

      FLUORITE - bones (blue), respiration (blue, green or clear), blood purification or lymph glands (green), digestion (green or yellow)

      GARNET - reproductive system

      GREEN MOSS AGATE - a wonderful source of Earth energy. Relaxing and grounding.

      HEMATITE - muscular system

      JASPER - the supreme nurturing stone. Its grounding ability supports tranquility and inner strength during times of stress or danger. Dalmatian Jasper is especially popular for use with animals as it grounds and helps alleviate fears.

      KYANITE - alignment of all Chakras, tendons or bones

      MALACHITE - heart problems, liver detoxification (WARNING: Do not permit your pet or animal to eat this stone. Malachite has very high levels of copper and can lead to serious or fatal blood poisoning if even very small amounts are swallowed. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.)

      ROSE QUARTZ - injuries, wounds, reduces stress. Rose Quartz is the stone to use if your dog or cat is aloof and standoffish. Rose Quartz energy will help your pet learn to accept love and companionship without fear. It is ideal to use with rescued animals, injured or sick animals, or when introducing a new pet into your household. Acceptance of the new member of the family (be it another dog or a new baby) will run a smoother course.

      SMOKEY QUARTZ - nervous system, swellings. If you have more than one pet in the house, and the animals socialize, then you may have squabbles from time to time. Smoky Quartz works to reduce future hostilities by grounding and clearing negative energies in your household, which would also benefit any human squabblers.

      SODALITE - calming, nervousness, good for settling down during travel

      SUGILITE - death and dying

      TURQUOISE - a master healer that can be used for everything, protective

      Buy any of these stones and crystals. An information card on the healing properties of each stone is included with purchase as well as information on how to care for your stones and crystals.

      Crystal Healing Techniques for Pets and Animals

      It is very helpful to dedicate and program the stones and crystals you will be using to heal your pet.

      Here are a few suggestions on how to use stones and crystals to heal your pet. They are just some guidelines - use your intuition to come up with more.

      Place up to three stones or crystals under your pet's bed for up to two weeks. You can put them in a pouch if you'd like. Position the stones so that they are comfortable. If the crystal energy is too intense, your pet won't want to rest in their bed. If your pet likes the crystals, you should see an improvement within a few days.

      Hold the crystal or stone in your hand. Starting a few inches away from the affected area, rotate the crystal clock-wise. Go slowly, breathing gently and evenly. Animals express their feelings with movement, so watch to see if your pet wants more or tries to move away.

      Put up to three crystals (no more) in a small pouch that can be attached to your pet's collar. Be careful that the pouch doesn't interfere with movement or can get caught on anything.

      Warm up the crystals in the sun before beginning healing. The sun provides masculine, yang energy to the stones. Apply the warm crystals to the affected area. If you are using a bag of ice to reduce swelling or inflammation, try putting a few pieces of Smokey Quartz in the bag of ice. It will help unblock over-active or inflamed areas.

      Put a piece of Rose Quartz or Amethyst in your pet's water bowl or bucket. The crystal will leave its energy imprint in the water and, when your pet drinks it, the energy will go where it is most needed. Remember to NEVER put Malachite in your pet's drinking water.

      Create a mandala or circle of crystals around your pet. You can also try a Star of David formation with your pet in the middle. Leave your pet there for up to 20 minutes. Your pet will walk out when they’ve had enough !

      Place crystals or stones near a photograph of your pet, pointing towards the picture. This will help send long-distance healing and protection to your pet.

      Don’t be embarrassed about using healing crystals and minerals to help your pet. The practice is becoming common place these days as more and more people use natural methods to maintain their own health and well-being.

      Information courtesy of

      Clearing & Charging Crystals

      There are many ways to cleanse or clear crystals and you may like to try out several methods to find the way that feels most effective to you. Some Teachers notably Serge King do not think clearing stones is ever needed.

      ... I find that clearing stones can be a big help sometimes as everything does pick up energy impressions and when used actively crystals can soak up a lot of pain energy etc.

      When using energy and intention based methods to clear your stones you can program the crystal to retain or restore its ideal state and or previous programming and memories rather than totally erasing them. Consult the crystal intuitivly for a sense of how much it needs to be cleared .
      Drastic Methods Salt Water Earth & fire

      The most commonly used clearing method of soaking them in sea salt water is no longer recommended for general use because it is rather drastic and can harm many kinds of crystals both physically and energetically. You can save that for really heavy duty cases.

      In some cases you may want to keep the negative energy of a stone that has a important message and only shield it from accidental activation (I am thinking of someone's small stone that was picked up at Dachau).

      Another drastic method is to bury your crystals in Earth Stones that you feel are extremely negative can be buried in earth for an entire moon cycle. or longer . you will need a sure way to find them . placing stones in fire is not reccomended by me as it may damage or destroy many crystals.

      Please remember that it is common for the mind to amplify the energy received, and sometimes high vibration positive energies can feel prickly and uncomfortable if you are not ready for them.Some people tend to refuse to recognize that stones have been cleared to the point of returning undesirable energies to the cleared stone with their own mental intention.

      Dry Salt & Vinegar

      Leaving the crystals in dry sea salt overnight or longer is another somewhat heavy duty clearing method. Soaking the crystals in a solution of 1 quart of warm water with one tablespoon of sea salt and a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar for 20 minutes to half an hour is a quick clear technique that is not as drastic and seems quite thorough .

      Salt can be harsh and many stones are water soluble or other wise potentially harmed by water. some of these these include Halite (salt), Sylvite, Desert Rose Selenite, all Selenite, gypsum angelite , Azurite ,Talc. calcite may dissolve in water as may Alabaster ,Sulfur dissolves in salt water. I have been told that any stone that has a name ending in ite can probably be damage by water though I am not sure of that.


      You can also smudge your crystals with sage, sweet grass, cedar ,sandalwood or other clearing smoke or incense ,fanning the smoke over them or holding them in the smoke make sure that all sides of the stones are placed in the smoke. This works well and can be used on delicate crystals that can not be placed in water or salt without damaging them.

      Clearing With Crystals

      Small crystals can be cleared by leaving them on a large crystal cluster, either clear Quartz or ameythst . I have heard of using a selenite wand this way but have not done it myself.

      Breath techniques are very effective for small pieces, hold the stone to be cleared in your dominant hand (the one you use to write with) take a deep breath in through your nose and focusing your intention on clearing the stone expel your breath firmly onto the stone from your nose , repeat until you have covered all sides of the stone either a long slow exhalation or short quick bursts are effective choose the way you prefer. you may also take a deep breath through your nose and holding the stone in either hand with your mouth slightly open expel your breath through your mouth slowly over the stone while making the "ha" sound .


      Using energy is very effective ,Reiki, Huna, Rainbow Light , crystal clearing shakti, of course, Most general purpose healing energies and universal chi etc. work quite well if you are attuned to them or have practiced with those that come in without attunements .

      Generally just run the energy into the stone until you feel that it is cleared. Crystal clearing shakti if you have it, is autonomous and once you have started it running on a stone or group of stones it will work until done without further attention or intention on your part. Holding the piece between both hands while running energy or beaming a flood of spiritual light into it also works. With most intelligent energies you can add the intention that the crystal become self clearing.

      Some energy is also very good for charging stones to amplify their natural abilities Using direct intention can be very effective if you are able to focus your intention and are not over doubtful of its ability to clear crystals ,hold the stone in your hand or palm or place your hands on or over it and focus your intention on clearing it, for most stones a minute should be long enough to clear it.
      If you are skilled at remote work or have an aptitude for it you need not actually touch the stone. Intention is also used to place a shield around a stone that you wish not to clear but only prevent from broadcasting generally, The "Never Again" stones from Dachau etc. being prime examples as these can be used to promote recognition of the truth and compassion.

      Light & Sound

      Colored light either from actual light or energetically is also used white ,gold, violet and blue being commonly but not exclusively used . Toning , bell ringing, chanting and other clearing with sound can also be effective and enjoyable Aum, AH El EE Oh, Ha , being only a minute fraction of sounds that work for clearing playing healing music and drumming work.
      Sun & Moon

      Placing stones in Sunlight or Moonlight is also good for clearing and charging them .Some stones are faded or otherwise distressed by direct sunlight. This may include Amethyst, rose Quartz, Citrine, Celestite (particularly blue), Aquamarine, Moonstone and Fluorite. Some turquoise may fade. A chunk of blue calcite faded after a while and I have also heard hat Realgar and pyrope can dissolve in air rather than sunlight. Stones are left in bright sunlight usualy from 3 hours to all day but strong sunlight may take as little a 30 minutes or even less .

      Running Water

      Running water works well for clearing stones that are not harmed by water . A spring or stream or the ocean waves is best though you must be careful not to lose your stones to the ocean or river. Holding crystals under the tap will do in an emergency . Some people like to leave theirstones out during rainstorms too. Many people also bathe with their crystals which not only clears and charges the stones it is very refreshing and healing for the bather as well.

      Gentler and slower methods include immersing the stones in rose petals or lavender petals or sage, thyme or Rosemary leaves or in feathers or charged sand just putting the stone on a sacred altar or in a place with healing energies will also work over time.

      Caution When Using Running Water

      Running water works well for clearing stones that are not harmed by water.A spring or stream or the ocean waves is best though you must be careful not to lose your stones to the ocean or river.

      Holding crystals under the tap will do in an emergency . Some people like to leave their stones out during rainstorms too. Many people also bathe with their waterproof crystals which not only clears and charges the stones it is very refreshing and healing for the bather as well.


      There are angels and Deva and other spiritual beings who can and will clear crystals when you ask them learning to connect with your high self and Companion Angel will help you learn to work with the stone people in a depper way.

      Most of what determines whether these methods work for you is your belief system and your intention . Any of these methods will work it is up to you to find those that feel most effective to you.

      Charging Crystals

      Many of the techniques for clearing crystals also charge and restore them but sometimes A crystal that has been cleared seems under energized or even lifeless. It can be charged ,amplified or restored by several methods.

      First I usually hold the stone and intend that it natural energies be amplified using a scale of one to ten . There are attunements that can facilitate this and other energywork and crystal work processes .

      I find that many people can access these procedures quite well without formal attunements. It takes less than a minute for most of these intention techniques to work and most will run to completion by themselves if you do not retain focus on the stone. Simply intend that the stone's energy be raised to its highest most healthful level ,or restored to its ideal state.

      You can also use intention to personalize a stone for your self or others this will call in harmonious energies and turn off inharmonious ones. You can also use intention to recover programming or memories that have been cleared out previously if you need too.
      In most cases if you have a piece of the same stone that is fully energized you can place the under charged stone next to or on it and ask intend that the weak stone match it and restored to the full level of its potential.

      You can ask your Solar Angel and high self to charge and restore a stone or bring in the Guide or Deva most suitable. to do this.

      Sunlight, moonlight, wind and other Spiritual intervention will raise the vibration and restore wholeness to your stone's energy. If you run crystal shaktis or stone spirit energies you can charge your stone simply by running the stone shakti of that stone into it .

      Programming Crystals

      It is possible to program your crystal or other stone to hold a message , work for a specific purpose, broadcast an affirmation, or emotion , enhance protective filters , communication, meditation and healing work and an almost infinite number of other purposes. Before we had computers we called this process "enchanting".

      I strongly reccomend programming a single terminated quartz crystal to help facilitate your connection and awareness of your high self and/or companion Angel and carrying with you in a pocket as often as you can.

      If you do not have a particular stone or crystal that you need for a particular purpose you can use a quartz crystal and ask/intend that it be charged to act as the needed stone ,Make sure that you clear it when you are done using it as an energetic substitute.

      Quartz crystal is most often used for programming, though most stones can be used. .Keep your programs in harmony with the natural energies and purpose of the stone . Singly terminated quartz crystals are most often used though round crystals and stones are very good also.

      It is quite important when programming a crystal by intention that you are quite clear and focused on just what it is that you do intend. You might want to write down your proposed program first and before you program a stone or other object to promote a particular emotion think it through carefully.

      I once charged a stone with the intention that it promote happiness in a large room and after a few days we all became very irritated at the constant "Happy" energetic nagging . It was just not comfortable or natural.

      I also once programmed a stone to promote sleep in a bedroom and it was so effective that it was virtually impossible to do anything else at all in the room until the stone was cleared. My Love life virtually disappeared. It even had a plumber and a heater repairman struggling to remain awake to their great puzzlement.

      Programming for mental alertness and emotional clarity has not caused any difficulties so far. You want to help not overpower these cautions apply even more strongly to programs for Love etc. if in doubt don't do it!. Crystal programming is to be used only for good and in accord with Your soul purpose . You cannot and should not use these techniques to try to manipulate others .

      The Technique

      First and foremost clarify your intention, hold the stone in your dominant hand or in both hands. Large stones can be touched rather than held. Focus your intention on the stone. Clearly state in your mind or out loud what it is you are programming the stone for. Visualize the desired result as clearly as you can if appropriate.

      To program a stone to broadcast an intention ,prayer ,desire or affirmation or healing energy you just intend that it do so . One to five minutes is the standard time to hold the focus. You can intend that it activate only when you hold it or when you call on it rather than having it be contstantly active depending on the purpose you are programing or dedicating it too.

      You will probably find it most effective to hold the stone in your non dominant hand to receive and your dominant hand to program or to amplify sending of healing energy .

      Some crystals have already got a firmly set memory and purpose , these are not appropriate to use for you own programs . You should have an intuitive sense that it is suitable to program the stone for what you intend before you do so.



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        Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Tot alle dieren vrij zijn ...!

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        Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Motions !!
        Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

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        Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Motions...!


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        Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Zooo TRIEST !

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        Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Teckel van familie, levend gevild !


        KSLA News 12 Headlines More>>

        ETX family says dog was skinned alive

        Updated: Mar 15, 2012 5:16 AM

        A family wants answers after finding their dog mutilated in an East Texas neighborhood.


        A family wants answers after finding their dog mutilated in an East Texas neighborhood.

        The dog, named Hemi, was found Monday around 3:30 a.m. in the 400 block of Lansing Ln. in Hallsville. Hemi's owner, Jackie Smiddy, says she is devastated and wants the person responsible for killing her dog to be held accountable.

        "He was friendly. He wouldn't hurt anyone, he stayed on the porch and he wouldn't chase after anyone. I mean you couldn't ask for a better dog," said Jackie.

        Jackie doesn't understand why anyone would want to hurt Hemi, her pet of seven years.

        "They had skinned him all the way down his back and this skin here was folded back, there was no skin on either side of him. No fur. It was just flesh," she said.

        "Once he got in the light I could see what blood all over him," said Cheyenne Smiddy, dog owner.

        Jackie's daughter, Cheyenne said she went to let their other dog out when Hemi came around the house, covered in his own blood.

        "I mean it's just like losing one of my kids. It's just hard that someone could take an innocent dog and do this to him," said Jackie.

        Jackie said by the time her daughter came in to get her, Hemi was gone. They believe he went to die.

        The family said Hemi was abused and neglected before the Houston Humane Society took him in and the Smiddy Family adopted him.

        "I never thought he'd have to go through anything like this I mean we would never hurt him and to see him have to do it twice and not live, it hurts," said Cheyenne.

        "Whoever did this will pay, they will pay for this," said Jackie.

        The Harrison County Sheriff's Office said they're waiting for a veterinarian to examine the dog's body.

        Harrison County officials said cruelty to animal charges could be filed.

        If you have any information about this incident, you are asked to call the sheriff's office

        15-03-2012 om 13:41 geschreven door debosheks  

        Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.SHAC Alert: AstraZeneca March Madness Week of Action !

        Dit is een van de meest wrede instellingen op het gebied van dierenexperimenten .
        Hier gebeuren de meest onvoostelbare gruwelijke zaken en wij vechten al zóvéél jaren hier tegen.
        Maar we zullen niet opgeven tot dit stopt !

        SHAC Alert: AstraZeneca March Madness Week of Action

        March 14, 2012

        South Florida Smash HLS

        When: Monday, March 26, 2012 at 6:00pm until Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 9:00am

        What: Demonstrate against AstraZeneca, their subsidiaries and shareholders

        Where: Click HERE to find the nearest company

        Write: See below for SAMPLE LETTER and CONTACTS

        Please get involved, the animals need our voice and action. Don’t let them get away with the abuse.

        AstraZeneca are a major CURRENT customer and vocal supporter of HLS’s cruel methods of animal torture and scientific fraud, as well as being in the position of huge layoffs over the past few years and financial and legal problems. So 2012 is the year to really pile on the pressure and get them to ditch HLS!

        AstraZeneca even have the audacity to state that no suffering occurs at HLS! This was their response to the Animal Defenders International’s expose from 2008:

        During the time of the expose, AstraZeneca were funding experiments on primates at HLS.

        Not only did the breeding farm in Vietnam who supplied the poor animals not meet basic UK animal welfare standards, but the conditions of the animals when housed inside HLS was extremely poor; some monkeys were missing limbs, had skin problems or other infections. Monkeys routinely escaped from cages, resulting in some being raped and attacked.

        Read more:

        Click here to download and read the full report by the Animal Defenders International.

        Click here to download a short summary of the ADI report focused on the findings from inside HLS [pdf format – 7.95MB

        Suggested targets: AstraZeneca, their subsidiaries and their shareholders.

        Find your nearest AstraZeneca company to you at:

        If there are no AstraZeneca offices or sites near you, why not protest at another HLS top customer near you and remind them that abusing animals and funding the torture inside HLS is the wrong choice!

        For more info, see:

        See you on the streets – Until all are free!


        Email block | copy and paste into your TO: , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , ,


        Dear Sir / Madam,

        I am writing to express my concern over your continual support of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). As you have already been made aware, HLS is Europe’s most exposed animal testing laboratory and have been filmed cutting open monkeys while still alive, punching animals in the face, falsifying experimental test data, and flouting regulations on a regular basis.

        In late 2008 HLS were exposed yet again, during which time you were personally funding experiments on primates. Not only did the breeding farm in Vietnam not meet basic UK animal welfare standards, but the conditions of the animals when housed inside HLS was extremely poor; some monkeys were missing limbs, had skin problems or other infections. Monkeys routinely escaped from cages, resulting in some being raped and attacked. The monkeys were excessively stressed during procedures, which will undoubtedly affect experimental results. You can see the full report here:

        During a recent inspection of HLS’ Cambridgeshire facilities, you claimed the animals ‘did not suffer’. As a company that experiments on animal yourselves, you will be well aware that all animal experiments in England are licensed by the UK government – and these licenses are given out upon a judgement of suffering level – from ‘mild’ to ‘substantial’. Therefore, to claim that animals do not suffer inside HLS is absolutely absurd. I would suggest you visit HLS without notice, as I am sure you will witness a very different picture.

        As a company that claims to achieve excellence and reliability in drug research, I am surprised to learn that you contract experiments inside a laboratory that has had their license revoked and exposed falsifying test data for clients. I would like to use this opportunity to request that you cease your contracts with this horrendous laboratory and invest in more reliable sources of data research.

        I know your time is limited and I thank you for your attention and consideration of this urgent message.


        why do you
        still associate
        with a place like
        HLS which
        treats animals
        to the cruelest of fates
        would you want anyone
        you love, or you,
        to be subjected to the
        horrors that HLS do
        so astrazeneca
        please sever your ties
        show you are compassionate
        and humane wise

        Karen Lyons Kalmenson

        15-03-2012 om 13:18 geschreven door debosheks  


        E-mail mij

        Druk op onderstaande knop om mij te e-mailen.


        Druk op onderstaande knop om een berichtje achter te laten in mijn gastenboek

        Blog als favoriet !

        Voor de dieren in de opvang doen we alles,  energie, tijd, liefde en geld is voor hun...echter met dit laatste redden we het niet en hebben we dringend hulp nodig!
         Wilt U ons hier in steunen, het kleinste bedrag is WELKOM !

        Indien u een bedrag aan onze stichting wilt schenken mag u dat doen op volgend rekeningnummer. Het geld wordt integraal besteed aan de dieren en hun verzorging, onderkomen en voeding.

                        Stichting/VZW The Animal Orphanage  / TAO Foundation

        Registratienummer Kamer van Koophandel: 41068459

        ING  5270919
        BIC INGBNL2A

        t.n.v. A.M.M. Booms

        Someren, Nederland.

        HELP ONS HELPEN !!!



        Leny Tao

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        Ik ben Leny, en gebruik soms ook wel de schuilnaam De Bosheks.
        Ik ben een vrouw en woon in Planeet Aarde (Heelal) en mijn beroep is Medisch Entomoloog.
        Ik ben geboren op 22/05/0000 en ben nu dus 2015 jaar jong.
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        Op deze planeet zijn we allemaal gemaakt uit hetzelfde genetische materiaal,dwz.dat alles wat leeft,eigenlijk onze broeders en zusters zijn!Zoals St.Franciscus ook de dieren aansprak met broeder wolf,zuster vogel en zuster bloem.HOU VAN ALLES WAT LEEFT!!!
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